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Outplacement services are intended to help employees handle a lay off with ease with the help of coaching, outplacement programs, executive career coaching and more. You can re-build confidence, boost your career and enhance your skills by undertaking an outplacement program.

Executive Connexions offers the best outplacement services in Scotland, which can guarantee you a better future and career success. Whether you have been laid off or you want to transition to another sector, our outplacement services will greatly benefit you making effective use of resources such as knowledge of the hidden jobs market. Here are some of the Outplacement programs that we offer for organisation or individuals in Scotland.

1:1 coaching

1:1 coaching classes provides customized, smart and fail-safe solutions that guarantee your success. Our unparalleled personal outplacement support, outplacement guidance and comprehensive programs ensure an accelerated growth in your career and knowledge.

The benefit of 1:1 coaching is that it helps in grooming your personal branding skills as well. You get the individual attention and care, along with strategic lessons and guidance.

Group coaching

Our group outplacement coaching programs are designed to provide the ultimate career transition solutions which can help you get back to work faster. The groups are formed with careful analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the employees. The coaching classes will help you learn more, build strong technical skills, sharpen interview skills and more.

The advantage of taking outplacement coaching in groups is that your morale is boosted. When you learn alongside your fellows, you will feel more confident and enthusiastic. Moreover, group coaching provides the opportunity to share knowledge and skills among fellow learners.

Executive career coaching

This program is designed exclusively to prepare senior executives for the next role with effective executive outplacement. This program delivery is tailored according to your skills and requirements so that you can improve necessary job search skills. The innovative and personalized approach that this program uses ensures the best outcomes.

Outplacement support

Outplacement support encompasses everything that you need to make a head start transition in your career. This program will upgrade your job search skills, refresh your interview skills and enrich you with information about the current job market.

Strategic tips and techniques are applied in order to cover lessons swiftly with 100% efficiency. Additionally, it will also teach you how to search for jobs smartly. Our outplacement consultants will go through each step with you carefully.

The outplacement support Scotland services provided by Executive Connexions is personalized, strategic and highly efficient. These result-oriented outplacement programs and coaching classes have helped many executives and employees land to the next part of their career successfully.

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Outplacement Scotland services helps both employees and companies to make a smooth and successful career transition.

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