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Do you have employees facing redundancy?

When redundancy is announced for any staff members, it can be a disconcerting stage for them to navigate and this is why our outplacement services are so important. Many businesses look to an outplacement company in these times of need.

Lack of knowledge of the jobs market, rusty interview skills, and a poor network can all contribute to a feeling of being ill prepared to re-enter the jobs market; something borne out by the findings of our independent research project, which demonstrated the disparity between how candidates view their level of preparedness, and how headhunters and recruiters view them. We appreciate that you want the best for outgoing staff, and our outplacement company take care to reflect that requirement with professional outplacement coaching.

A positive approach from any programme is also vital, when those left behind need a sense of calm and order to the proceedings, and those directly affected depart with a sense of positivity about the company, as well as firm strategies in place regarding their next career steps. These are the reasons why every company should have effective career management by introducing outplacement.

Outplacement Services Executive Connexions

How do we


We will prepare clients with up-to-date skills and techniques to enable effective relationships to be built with key decision making through intense personal branding training and coaching. Our network of peer contacts, and headhunters around the globe we will actively represent clients to our network. Everything we do is personalised. It’s what we have built our brand on. It’s how we ensure that clients are as prepared as possible to be the best candidate they can be. What we don’t offer is a ‘sausage factory’ or ‘conveyor belt’ approach to outplacement! This added representation element is something that we find clients really like; that additional support in nudging open some doors, as against a very typical experience of outplacement being slightly ‘conveyor belt’ in approach. Everything we do is personalised. It’s what we have built our brand on. It’s how we ensure that clients are as prepared as possible to be the best candidate they can be. If you want more information on what is outplacement, find out more here.

Outplacement Company Programmes

We design an outplacement company programme from the ground up, but have come to realise that there are certain elements that work and work well.

Those elements will include the following and more:

Why Outplacement?

Outplacement Services Executive Connexions

An outplacement company provides professional career coaching support that allows an individual(s) to manoeuvre through the jobs market when being made redundant. This can help you shift into your preferred new employment without the stress. We’ll be your business partner, not just a service provider.

The above outlines the definition of outplacement for a business or individual and its importance. However, while we specialise in helping senior level executives, we are happy to discuss all levels of outplacement support required and can tailor our input to your requirements. Our outplacement consultants will explain everything in every step of the journey.

How do you choose an

Outplacement Service Provider ?

Talking to us is the first step, whether you’re a HR Director tasked with engaging an outplacement firm, or a HR Consultant looking for executive outplacement, we’d be happy to outline how we can support affected staff in a tailored one-to-one programme of support. We’ll be happy to outline how we can support your staff to achieve a successful outcome as they navigate an uncertain period. We like to offer executive career advice and tips on the jobs market, and to provide you with a view on our way of doing things and how our approach directly benefits the recipients of the coaching / outplacement input. It doesn’t matter where your company is based as we can cater for companies all over the world. Whether you are based in London, Manchester, Scotland , the USA, or Asia, we are able to give you the same quality of experience.


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