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There’s a growing trend among companies to hire the services of an outplacement support company for individuals or groups. These companies are essentially hired to help the laid off employees effectively search for new jobs as quickly as possible. Companies offer outplacement support as a part of their severance package for the employees who are being made redundant.

Outplacement Support Services

Employees who lose their jobs because of a downsizing or other reasons are often offered outplacement support by their organization. Outplacement firms help the employees to ‘bounce back’ emotionally, and search for a job effectively and quickly. These companies are hired by the organizations laying off their employees in order to facilitate swift transition to new jobs. This service comes as a great relief for the employees who find themselves in a very difficult and worrying position in their career. 


Outplacement services offered through outplacement support include career counselling as well as advising. Since the majority of employees aren’t quite up-to-date with the modern job searching tools and techniques, they are provided with the necessary training. 


Executive outplacement support also includes advice with writing cover letters and developing CV’s/resumes so that employees are able to make the right impression with new employers, recruiters, or hiring managers.