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Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement

“Working with Executive Connexions helped identify the weaknesses and strengths in my approach to the hidden job market. It made me consider what I really wanted to do in my career.

As a result, I’ve been wider in my search, achieving a role outside my usual sector. I recommend Executive Connexions to senior executives who are facing a crossroads in their career path.”


Managing Director 
Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement

Although my redundancy had been anticipated for a long time and hadn’t been a surprise, I was determined to use it as a chance to launch a new career.

The problem was, however, that there is a big difference between what I imagined going through redundancy would be like in theory and what it is like in reality.

Secured support for career coaching and the “Be Found” programme as part of my redundancy settlement. Delays to the redundancy process also meant that I had 6 month’s notice (effectively gardening leave), which having been continually employed for over 30 years was a very new experience, and at times very unsettling.

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Finance Director
Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement

I connected with Steve through LinkedIn and found him to be easy to speak to and flexible to my schedule.

His way of working matched more of who I was and how I worked, so working together through some hard topics was much easier.

I have a direction where I want to go and I have been working to adjust my skill set and education to get me to where I want to be.  I have already received invites for lecturing events and plan to continue that in the future.


Vice President 
Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement

“My career is my biggest asset; the right selection of a career coach was one of my most important decisions, and investment taken with care.

Executive Connexions have been invaluable in providing career coaching to me. Very quickly, my coach was able to understand my career aspirations and my coaching needs. A very relaxed and thought provoking coaching style brings a change.

People around me felt the change in me and I felt the change in myself. I can recommend Executive Connexions to anyone passionate about growing their career to the senior level of leadership.”


Senior Finance Executive 
Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement
I felt empowered when being coached. The coach quickly learned what my strengths were and encouraged me to achieve my goals. Thanks to their patience, my CV and cover letter look much better than before, and I was able to get way more job interviews. During the mock interview sessions, they advised me on every single answer and helped me improve my language skills, which especially boosted my confidence. I would recommend coaching to anyone who seeks to improve their job-hunting journey. With Executive Connexions help, you are in good hands!

Kiki Zhang
Business Specialist
Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement

With 20+ years of experience and after spending almost 10 years in my last job I was at a crossroads on the next move. It was also going to be my 1st job change in the UK and I was looking for an expert who could guide me in the entire process. Working with Executive Connexions was the best decision I took in this direction.

Steve was able to understand my career aspirations, helped me with industry connections, and matched me with an amazing coach, who challenged my thinking, helped me refine my CV, and hone my interview skills. I have always felt motivated and confident coming out of the coaching sessions. The guidance and coaching have been invaluable and helped me land a role I had aspired for.

Shweta Honavar

Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement

“I had no idea why I was not successful at interviews. The help and support for my interview preparation I received from them was invaluable. I am happy to say I have secured a new role, and If I had not hired Executive Connexions, I might not have been successful. To be successful, you should seek the best career advisers out there and Executive Connexions are the right choice. My coach was very helpful, and his advice and tips were instrumental in helping me to land this role. I would like to thank you (Steve) and the coach I worked with for the advice and support.”


IT Executive 
Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement

“I engaged with Executive Connexions after working for the same Company in the same sector for many years. The prospect of considering a career in another sector was somewhat daunting. The coaching processes helped me to understand the market and how to approach it. I have been fortunate enough to land a new role early into my coaching programme, and have also achieved a change of sector; something I thought would be unlikely at the start of my search for a new opportunity. In my coach, I appreciated having an impartial sounding board and a knowledgeable ear. I have found the overall experience very positive.”



Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement

“I thoroughly enjoyed engaging with Executive Connexions during a period where I was seeking to leverage my profile having previously worked within a very tight-knit network. My coach had excellent insight and is prepared to provide honest and focused feedback which is results driven.”


Group CFO
Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement

“Executive Connexions has provided outplacement services for several of our employees. We found the team to be very helpful and adaptable in their approach which they tailored to the changing circumstances facing those leaving the business. They helped all of our employees to focus on the task of finding a new role, and have had a 100% success rate which is very satisfying for everyone.”


Outplacement Client

Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement
“I chose to work with Steve and his team in order to help me scope out and execute my next executive role. I found their service invaluable, firstly as a sounding board for ideas I already had, and subsequently with the structure and focus they helped me create for my search. The honest and helpful feedback on CV, interview practice and more generally regarding personal branding will have ongoing value to me in the future” ROSS LOGAN
Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement

Before I started to work with Executive Connexions, I successfully worked as CFO and CEO in a small stock listed distribution company (sales: €36M) in Singapore for five years. As the main shareholder decided to change the strategic direction and my term was not renewed, he offered me another role in which I could contribute my financial skills.


Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement

Executive Connexions came highly recommended through a colleague. My coaches helped me improve my personal brand through networking and self-marketing, including written and verbal contexts, with lots of job interview practice. I would suggest that you speak to them to investigate the next stage of your career plan and find out if they can help – but I would add that you need to be focussed and immerse yourself in their rigorous coaching processes to achieve success!


Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement

“I got practical advice, improved my CV, LinkedIn profile, built and better engaged my network and got constructive interview feedback. All of this will continue to be of value and help me be in a stronger position for my next career step. Equally importantly, I had regular dialogue with a new individual (my coach) but focused on me, through a period where I had limited engagement with others. My coach was warm and open and made me feel at ease throughout our interactions. It helped me when I was pushed more during the coaching process – as a result I now know more about what I need from this type of relationship in future. ”


Head of Strategy & Change 
Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement

“Wanted to drop you a short note of thanks for the insight and tips that have enabled me to formulate a more structured and disciplined approach to my on-line / social media activities. It has built confidence and made me a more all-round and at the same time discerning consumer and contributor. I also think that my channel selection and usage has become more effective.”


Supply Chain & Ops Executive
Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement
I had a fantastic experience working with my coach at Executive Connexions, the service having been provided to me via outplacement support. We worked on my LinkedIn profile, CV, and what work would suit me in my current time of life. For the first time I volunteered that perhaps my skills were lacking in some areas. I was encouraged and challenged to think again about what roles I might want to apply for and how to interview for those roles. We also discussed non-executive roles with my coach, and now know more about requirements for these type of roles.


Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement
I found Executive Connexions easy to work with, and although my engagement was relatively brief, I have already started to get in touch with recruiters and so far getting good feedback on my remodelled CV and LinkedIn profile. Opportunities are already starting to surface and the screening interviews have gone well, in large part due to the interview preparation work I did with my coach.

Rob Williams
Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement
I have been a client of Steve’s since October 2021. He is an insightful coach and pragmatic connector who actively seeks ways to leverage his own (extensive) network to help his clients. He finds relatable ways to help you ask and address the tough questions that will ultimately result in you achieving your career ambition. It’s a pleasure to recommend Steve and Executive Connexions.

Fernando Parker
Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement

“Executive Connexions provided excellent, innovative and speedy career coaching – I gained a new position quickly and at the right salary level. Their expertise was a huge help to me.”


Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement

“If you want to take your networking skills to the next level, Executive Connexions is your career coaching company. They know the executive job market, understand what it takes to work it and are great teachers.

Steve himself is also a natural people connector — I not only made new professional connections, I made new friends.”


Chief Technology Officer
Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement

“Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the daily ‘Be Found’ updates. I have found these updates extremely useful and I’m already starting to increase my social presence – in fact I have a live opportunity as a result. I’ll endeavour to continue the program on an ongoing basis!”


Senior Finance Executive
Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement

I first spoke with Executive Connexions when I realised that changes may be happening at my then company. After speaking with Steve, I then started working with my consultant who helped me find the right approach to moving my career on. I appreciated the flexibility of the programme, including the ability to pause the programme when required.  The key elements which I benefited from on the programme were; creating a good CV, networking/making speculative approaches, interview practice and self-presentation, as well as continuing the coaching process while in my new role as a sense check going forward. If you’re thinking of coaching to help your career then speak to Executive Connexions! 


Technology Leader 
Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement

Having left a 30 year plus banking career it was clear that self-employment was the preferred route. 

My coach had experienced a similar path albeit different sectors, and therefore was immediately empathetic both emotionally and pragmatically.

The standout piece of advice was to seriously (and honestly) reflect on your own skills and competencies. I cannot over emphasise the importance of this to anyone experiencing a directional career change. After a lengthy career, perhaps it is too easy to match these to the old job and the coaching encouraged me to reflect, resulting in significant adjustments to my own self-assessment. 

The emotional, professional, and practical guidance was invaluable.

Private Banker / Consultant

Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement

“My coach had a lot of empathy and really cares about his clients. A very genuine person and very approachable. He was always available outside the Skype sessions if I needed his input on something. He provided me with some useful material and links. He is a good sounding board, without being a yes person and he is “on your side”. Coaching is taking place in a safe environment. I think he will always do very well with female clients – he is very gender neutral. And perhaps also with Non-Brits.” 


Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement

Executive Connexions is more than a service that helps you find your next job. They were successful in doing this, but what I learned from the service was more valuable than this.

The methods actually teach you how to be more relevant in today’s digital world that will carry on into my career going forward.

Now that I have landed the job I hoped for, I look forward to working with them as executive coaches to ensure I have a successful first year integrating into the new business.

I highly recommend their service.

Senior Executive

Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement
I just wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation to you for the work you did with me in preparing for my interview. My coach was very natural and genuine. Not only did he had extensive knowledge and experience in the field of interview coaching, but he cares about each of his clients.

He gave me 110% of his time and focus during our sessions and he always followed up with me after sessions and interviews. He was excited about my success as much as I was, so it was more than just a basic preparation of an interview- this was a goal that we worked together to achieve.

Overall, very good investment in my career. I learned how to pace myself and deliver complete (yet not too long) answers with confidence.

Gurleen Kaur
Career Coaching Testimonials Executive Connexions Outplacement

What did I get from engaging with executive Connexions?

Calm, experienced coaching support – listening and helping me to better understand what I was looking for.

Guidance over CV writing and LinkedIn profile and activity, both of which made a big impact on my job search.

Interview preparation support, with all of the difficult questions coming from Ric ahead of time so I was prepared and had answers ready when I was asked them in real life!

Someone to help me critically evaluate my skills and criteria for a new role, and the offers when they came in.

Ben Kelsey COO, UK


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