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Outplacement Services

Executive Connexions help to prepare staff facing redundancy by providing tailored outplacement services, with either 1:1 career coaching support or group training as required. We can help in varying circumstances, including progression into a similar sector/role or sometimes helping launch a complete career change.

 You can expect:

Companies we have successfully worked with include >>>

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Professional Career Coaching

Executive Connexions executive career coaching helps senior executives to land their next role, faster. Our 92% success rate is driven by our innovative personalised approach. We don’t offer off-the-shelf packages but we do tailor our executive career coaching services to your needs, including unique executive outplacement, social & digital career coaching programmes.

An executive career coach will give you:


Global Outplacement Services and Career Coaching

Executive Connexions offers worldwide professional career coaching and outplacement services, perfect for globally relocating professionals or those seeking local expertise with an international perspective. Opt for us to strategically boost your career path.

Some of our international locations:

New York

Get tailored career coaching and outplacement support in New York’s dynamic job market for a seamless professional transition.


In Singapore, we provide personalized outplacement and career coaching, aiding organizations and professionals during layoffs with both support and strategy.


With our in-depth services in Shanghai, navigate career changes smoothly through individualized coaching and outplacement.

Hong Kong

Discover custom outplacement and career coaching in Hong Kong, where we cater to the distinctive needs of businesses and individuals.

Home Executive Connexions Outplacement

The Hidden

Jobs Market

You may be reading this because you suspect there’s a smarter way to handle your job search. There is. The unadvertised jobs market, otherwise known as the hidden jobs market is where 70-80% of all jobs, particularly at executive level, are to be found. Our executive career coaching services will support your job search, but to get started read the Executive Connexions white paper with 3 top tips. Click the ‘learn more’ button below to get your copy.

We’re Here to Help

You can get in contact with us to see how our executive career coaching services can help you with your situation. Here are some examples of how an executive career coach London can help you:

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CV/Resume Tips

Home Executive Connexions Outplacement

High Level use of Social Media

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Leadership Coaching

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Interview Tips & Techniques

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Exclusive Peer Group Membership

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Presentation Skills & Public Speaking Tips

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Networking Skills

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Professional Insights into a recruiter’s perspective

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Redundancy / Executive Outplacement Support

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    FAQ Examples

    Where can I find flexible Outplacement Services?

    In knowing how to choose the right outplacement firm, it is important to select one that is truly flexible. Everyone knows what works for them, but in most cases, a 1:1 support service is a better method to use for learning and flexibility.

    We offer our outplacement services that help job seekers access to career transition via 1:1 and group support. This is a successful approach that allows the job seeker to work where they feel best, can access all of the needed resources, and be able to continue working independently for maximum efficiency.

    Some outplacement firms will travel to your workplace or chosen location too where face-to-face coaching is sometimes the best form of learning, but mainly for initialising a personal programme.

    We also offer an online career hub which can either be used as an excellent standalone option, or as an addition to 1:1 outplacement coaching.

    How to choose an executive outplacement service?

    An outplacement programme should be established primarily to take care of your needs.
    This is the very first step that must be followed when planning how to choose an outplacement firm. Keep in mind the important fact that an outplacement service should be adaptable and always ready to meet your needs. The best outplacement firm will definitely not throw you or your employees straight into a ‘sausage machine’ programme even if you may or may not be able to tell if the programme is suitable. Look for strong ethics and values.
    A good outplacement firm will cover many of the aspects already mentioned, but one of the main things is that an outplacement company will tailor the programme to your employees’ needs. Each employee, depending on which industry or level, requires the standard executive outplacement services to be tailored around them to give the best results.

    The outplacement consultants should contact each individual to ensure that the programme is tailored to them as well as prior consultation with the organiser. For instance, we (Executive Connexions) make sure a thorough needs-assessment is conducted. This is to customise the programme in such a way that it doesn’t just satisfy us, but it meets the needs of the individual and that everything is set for a successful career transition.

    How will career coaching benefit me?

    Research suggests that the Return On Investment (ROI) of career coaching is easily demonstrated in being able to get a better (higher paid) role more quickly. Some statistics say it will cost you 10-15% of an annual salary per month while out of work, with some estimates even higher than that. So gaining support to land your next role faster, has tangible financial benefits.

    Career coaching can benefit you a number of ways, which can be different for different people – for many it’s about landing their next role faster, for others it’s about improving networking skills and taking a more measured approach towards their next career step. You’ll learn skills that you can take forward and use again and again in future career moves.

    We also help our clients to overcome obstacles such as perceptions around age; how to get the best from recruiters; tackling the feeling of being out of touch or over qualified; and having a poor network. In summary, we’ll help you to be the best candidate that you can be, and improve your networking skills going forward. Executive recruiters tell us that the more prepared candidates often have engaged in coaching.

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