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Located in Southeast Asia, Singapore is an island nation with a reputation for cleanliness, an impressively low crime rate, and a diverse population. Asian and western cultures sit side-by-side and the those who reside in Singapore typically enjoy a high quality of life.

The nation is well-known for its competitive nature and desire for business excellence. With its low level of foreign debt, busy cargo seaport, plentiful exports and expertise in electronics manufacturing, tourism, and finance, Singapore is attributed with having a robust and stable economy.
Career Transition & Outplacement Singapore Executive Connexions Outplacement

Bespoke Support in Singapore and Beyond

Executive Connexions offers a custom-built outplacement and career coaching service in Singapore and beyond. We assist businesses and employees who are affected by redundancy, providing emotional and practical support when it’s most needed. We provide both personalised one-to-one support and career transition training sessions to groups as required.

Career transition can be a challenge for all involved, and in uncertain climates businesses often have to make difficult decisions concerning personnel. That’s where we can help. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all outplacement and career coaching service. Instead, we will work with your business and your employees to formulate a unique plan that offers a positive outcome for all.

Career Transition & Outplacement Singapore Executive Connexions Outplacement

Do You Know How to Teach a Person to Fish?

We do! We teach a person to fish – providing the foundations and skills required to build job-search confidence and secure a new role. We adopt a person-centred approach, so we will work with the individual to identify strengths, opportunities for development and to create a succinct plan of action.

We believe outplacement and career coaching is all about empowering employees. We help them to overcome their fears and gain a new perspective - redundancy isn’t the end of the story, just the start of a brand new, exciting chapter. This positive mind-set will pave the way for a smooth career transition. We also review and assess CV’s, we hone in on personal branding and we provide useful tips and techniques for successful job interviews.

Career Transition & Outplacement Singapore Executive Connexions Outplacement

It’s Time for Your Employees to “Be Found”

Not all jobs are advertised, positions can be filled via word of mouth or networking. But these “hidden jobs” aren’t off limits to those seeking a new role. Our “Be Found” programme encourages employees to boost their profile through digital media and social activities. We know how to help employees identify key strengths, maximise qualities and stand out as an appealing candidate in a crowded job market.

Career Transition & Outplacement Singapore Executive Connexions Outplacement

A Commitment to Go the Extra Mile

Executive Connexions are committed to securing positive results for your business. You can rely on our Singapore based outplacement and career coaching support service to take good care of your employees as they move on to pastures new.

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Executive Connexions Ltd is a UK based Career Coaching Company, working with clients globally via Skype and other online methods. We have a 92% success rate in helping outgoing employees land their next role, fast.

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