Why Career Coaching?

What will Career Coaching do for you?

Our clients require Career Coaching for a wide range of reasons. Some of them are out of work and looking to increase their confidence in prospective interviews, whereas others may be daunted at the prospect of changing their career – often after a long period of time. The coaching that you receive will be bespoke to your requirements and we will start by looking through your individual goals for Career Coaching in detail.

Why Career Coaching Executive Connexions Outplacement

Get the best results

(the length of time spent job seeking often relates to the salary level you achieve – you become less marketable the longer you’ve been out of the job scene) 92% of our clients find their ideal role!

Why Career Coaching Executive Connexions Outplacement

Significantly reduce stress

(understanding the recruitment market makes your job search less stressful)

Why Career Coaching Executive Connexions Outplacement

Save you time

(the best prepared candidates often have attended coaching according to recruiters)

Why Career Coaching Executive Connexions Outplacement

Increase your confidence and self-awareness

(you’ll recognise how you meet recruiters’ needs and you’ll soon be proactively accessing the senior level jobs market)

Why career coaching works

You can be the most experienced at your job in the world and know your industry better than anyone.

You still need three things to advance your career:

Why Career Coaching Executive Connexions Outplacement

An understanding of todays recruitment market

Why Career Coaching Executive Connexions Outplacement
Why Career Coaching Executive Connexions Outplacement

The ability to clearly and succinctly communicate your value proposition

Why Career Coaching Executive Connexions Outplacement
Why Career Coaching Executive Connexions Outplacement

A way to discover the best roles via the hidden jobs market

There’s no substitute for having a pro in your corner (and we didn’t reach our full potential in our careers without having our own coaches behind us, so we say this with authority!)

Our Proven Career Coaching Services

The Benefits of Career Coaching

When you decide to undergo career coaching, may it be to land your dream role or carry out a complete career transition, these are some of the things that you should expect career coaching to include:

CV & LinkedIn Profile Review

In career coaching, one of the first steps is a proper review of your CV, this is to help identify what is lacking and what should be omitted in regards to the career path you have chosen. This would also include coaching around re-organising your CV to promote the core skill that is required in your area of expertise as well as bringing it up to date with the current times.

Skill Identification and Improvement

While your skill set may have been perfect for your previous role, there may be a different set of skill requirements for the role you want. Career coaching helps you identify what your hidden skills are, what the required skills are for the career you want, and helps you improve on them. This coaching would also help you build skills that you need in order to excel in your career.

Leadership and Confidence Improvement

Career coaching helps you to train and improve on your leadership skills. It also helps to improve your level of confidence in yourself and in your skills. Leadership and confidence are impressive skills to have, especially when it comes to an executive level job search (find out more about our executive career coaching London services here).

Interview and Networking Improvement

Career coaching involves preparing you for potential interviews and improving your networking ability. These skills are necessary in order to actually advance in your career, and this is why career coaching focuses on training you in the necessary interview and networking skills with effective executive interview coaching.

Job Search Navigation & Introductions to our Networks

Navigating the job market is a huge task, and career coaching helps to prepare and guide you on how to not only navigate this chaotic sector but also to recognise and navigate the hidden job markets where over 70% of jobs are not advertised. We’ll also make some strategic introductions with your approval.

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