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Professional Interview Coaching

In the executive job market there is always huge competition, and like so many other job seekers out there, especially those seeking senior-level positions, the interview stage can truly be very frustrating for many.

Most of us have come to find that one of the most difficult aspects of getting an executive level job has to be scaling through the interview. This stage can be quite challenging and can leave you feeling deflated for not doing well, and not your confidence fir next time round. With Executive Connexions, it does not have to be this way if you have the right skills and mindset prepared for an interview.

Here at Executive Connexions, we have tailored professional executive interview coaching services that are designed to help you get past the challenges that are faced during executive interviews. Our services are designed to provide you with the necessary coaching that would help you wow potential employers at any executive interview or at any other interview at all.

The services that we offer focus on helping you show prospective employers that you are capable of taking on a role as high as a leadership role and also show them how having you on their team would be greatly benefiting to their company. We are focused on helping you show your prospective employers what a great support system you would be and how much you can contribute to the growth of their organisation. It is about all about conveying the right message to your potential employer from the start to the finish of your interview.

Our executive interview coaching services include dedicated career coaches ready to help you attain the top executive position that you want. Our career coaching team comes complete with experts in many fields so you don’t have to worry about if we are able to get you a unique job. Our incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise is specifically channeled into guiding you in the necessary need-to-know aspects of an executive interview.

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    Securing your success at that executive interview is as easy as these 3 steps

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    You can decide to arrange a session via call on any day or time of your convenience by simply putting a call through to +44 (0) 203 384 4188.

    We also offer you an automated booking system that enables you to book for a session on whatever day that is convenient for you and at whatever time is convenient for you. In addition to this, we also offer online sessions for international, local, and even busy clients. Your complimentary career strategy call is 100% free.

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    Have your interview training session which is centered on you

    When you decide to have your executive interview coaching, training will always be unique. This is because each stage of the coaching service is focused on guiding you towards securing that position that you want. We have a variety of packages available, and we also offer the service of tailoring your sessions to suit your convenience.

    Make good use of our expert knowledge

    We are very knowledgeable in the areas of board recruitments, and with our human resource and communications experts, we can assure you that we know what prospective employers are looking for and what would get them interested. We also have expert knowledge of how prospective employers make their decisions when it comes to hiring someone for a senior level position. With all of this inside knowledge, you would do well to use it to your advantage and benefit.

    Our executive interview coaching may include (depending on what you need):


    Strategy development for interviews: This involves creating your unique strategy and preparing yourself in totality for the board of interviewers.

    Preparing your brand: This involves understanding just how valuable you are, how useful your skill sets are, and tapping into that vault. This prepares you in the area of proving to the board of interviewers how you are unique from every other candidate and how you as an individual and an expert can be of great service to their company.

    Mock-up interviews: This involves interview situations that are specific to the role you are applying for and in the industry where you are applying for it.

    Differences in interviews: This involves understanding the different situations that can come up in an interview and understanding the different methods that are applicable to them. In this scenario, we prepare you for the different situations and help guide you in what to expect and how to respond at every step of the way. We also prepare you on how to respond correctly to the appropriate audience.

    Method of delivering an interview: This includes understanding your audience and how to make sure that your delivery during the interview is flawless, captivating, credible and confident.

    Meeting your role requirements: This involves understanding the requirements of the role you are applying for and understanding what criteria the employment board is searching for. We would help you go through your complete career history in detail, and help you prepare your experiences and skills in a way that meets up with the requirements and the criteria that the employment board is searching for.

    Communication: This involves understanding the need for a communication skill set to the executive role you are applying for. With the expertise and knowledge of our in-house communications experts, you would be properly guided in the art of communication on all levels. Communication at an executive level does not only involve your superiors or the board of interviewers but also, includes your potential subordinates. Our experts in this area would help you acquire the necessary skills that you need to communicate effectively on all levels.

    Presenting your transition for the role: This involves understanding what a senior level position requirement is and what the responsibilities involved are. We would help guide and prepare you on how to present your experience and the successes you have had in your career in a way that will help to show off your best qualities and place you in the best position for that spot.

    Coaching For Interview Success

    Our services are not limited to the above and are also not only limited to those who are job hunting; it is available for those who require a step up in their careers. If you are looking to take on new roles, leadership roles, senior management, responsibilities, or you simply want to improve yourself by developing necessary skills, then this coaching service is also for you. Even if you are in a job transition and you need to get yourself prepared professionally for your new role, the coaching services that we offer are perfect for preparing you to take on your new responsibilities with ease.

    Our services are solely designed to help you grow into the position that you want. At Executive Connexions, our main priority is focused on helping you develop yourself personally, your networking skills and everything else involved to the modern day level. Our focus is completely on you and your personal growth.

    With our massive wealth of experience and the successes that we have had throughout our services, why not call us and see for yourself? Testimonials of our successes are also available for you to look up at any time to see that we know exactly what we are doing, and we are here to help you advance in your career like we have done for everybody else before you.

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