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Executive Career Coaching – Our Executive Career Coaching programmes will support you to land that ideal new role, fast.

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Is your job search taking longer than expected?

Like many senior level job seekers we speak with, you might be feeling frustrated with your job search by now?

We provide executive coaching within the UK & Worldwide. Quick Links: Executive Coaching in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow. As well as tailored Outplacement Services for organisations searching for personalised support for outgoing staff, both for 1 to 1 coaching or group outplacement.

In today’s competitive jobs market, you’re facing some challenges in securing a new position:

  • Navigating the ‘hidden jobs‘ market to access the best roles.
  • Effectively communicating what you have to offer.
  • Extending your professional network and developing strong relationships with key players.
  • Crafting a compelling CV / Resume that gets you the job interviews you want.
  • Developing strategies to perform at your best and succeed in those job interviews.
  • Being out of touch with the market due to a long time in the same role, or needing to navigate moving country for a new position.
  • A lack of contact/feedback following applications (maintaining resilience).

    Bottom line: There’s a lot to do, let alone do it well.

But, your career depends on you doing it well.

Your ability to nail all of this is going to be the difference between you quickly securing the high-powered senior level job you want or eventually settling for a lower paid role.

Both are realistic scenarios. But you deserve the best.

That’s where we come in.

We’ll show you a more effective way to approach your job search; we’ll teach you how to bring the best opportunities to you. Fast.

The truth is…
You have what it takes to be a leader. You know you can do the job.You’re smart enough. You’re capable enough. You just didn’t have somebody to show you how to get the job… Until now.

Who do we work with, and how do we help you achieve the results you desire?

Through experience of our executive outplacement, we have worked in the main with senior level executives, typically earning or approaching a 6 figure annual salary. Our clients have a range of needs, so we are flexible in our pricing approach.

When you make the decision to invest in your career progression, you’ll receive personalised, tailored career coaching and training. This is crucial – we know you must receive precisely the right career support for your individual needs and circumstances if you are to achieve the results you want. We know the key steps that work, but will work with you as an individual; there are often things that come up along a coaching journey which are impossible to put in a list of services.

“My career is my biggest asset; the right selection of a career coach was one of my most important decisions, and investment taken with care.

Executive Connexions have been invaluable in providing career coaching to me. Very quickly, my coach was able to understand my career aspirations and my coaching needs. A very relaxed and thought provoking coaching style brings a change.”

Hyder Hasan, Senior Finance Executive – Singapore

Our proven career coaching programmes are outlined below, but we’re always happy to be flexible and tailor our input to your goals. Programme durations are typically up to 6 months (weekly 1:1 coaching), but longer and shorter time frame options & features are available.


~ Personal branding strategy
~ Crafting a compelling CV
~ LinkedIn profile optimisation
~ Routes to the hidden jobs market
~ Interview skills coaching
~ 1 x mock interview
~ Email support
~ Weekly coaching sessions
~ General coaching to support any issues which arise



as SILVER Plus

~Social/digital leadership & job search training 

Our Unique ‘Be Found’ Programme – includes:

The Be Found Strategy 1:1 Consultation & follow up consultation
The ‘Be Found’ eBook
The 48 Day JumpStart Action Plan
The 48 Day Habit Coach emails

~ 2 x mock interviews
~ Introductions to our recruitment & contact network


as GOLD Plus

~ Confidence and communications NLP coaching
x 2 sessions
~ Unlimited mock interviews
~ Presentation and voice optimisation for interview
x 1 session
~ Resilience coaching x 2 sessions

‘Reverse Headhunting’ Book

What will career coaching do for you?

  • Get the best results (the length of time spent job seeking often relates to the salary level you achieve – you become less marketable the longer you’ve been out of the job scene) 92% of our clients find their ideal role!
  • Significantly reduce stress (understanding the recruitment market makes your job search less stressful)
  • Save you time (the best prepared candidates often have attended coaching according to recruiters)
  • Increase your confidence and self-awareness (you’ll recognise how you meet recruiters’ needs and you’ll soon be proactively accessing the senior level jobs market)

Why this works

You can be the most experienced senior executive in the world and know your industry better than anyone. You still need three things to advance your career:

  1. An understanding of todays recruitment market
  2. The ability to clearly and succinctly communicate your value proposition
  3. A way to discover the best roles via the hidden jobs market

There’s no substitute for having a pro in your corner (and we didn’t reach our full potential in our careers without having our own coaches behind us, so we say this with authority!)

Your next steps

The best way to find out how these programmes will help you in your job search is to have a conversation regarding your personal situation and goals. Just click the button below to book.

Your complimentary career strategy call is an opportunity to explore your career plans and any barriers you might be facing with an experienced executive career coach, to accelerate your job search. This is not a free consultancy session, but a powerful opportunity to find out what’s impacting your job search. We will provide a high level assessment of what you’re missing and why you are not getting the results you want. We will also make a professional recommendation for the best next steps you should take now to take your job search to the next level.

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