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The Complete Guide On Our Outplacement Services

It’s not unusual to say that once in its lifetime, every organization goes through a phase of downsizing and need to invest in outplacement services to give employees a smooth executive career change New York. It can be a painful period for laid-off employees. However, some employers provide their employees with outplacement services so they can career transition easily. Our outplacement services, during layoffs, help employees in New York City or New York to switch from their current job to another job via career coaching and career transition services. If you are looking for providing your employees with outplacement services, speak to us for details about how we provide effective counseling and career transition in NYC or beyond.

Outplacement New York Services provide One-to-One Coaching

One-to-one coaching provides lots of benefits to lots of employees’ career transition. It aims to focus on leadership skills, setting better goals, making better decisions, and improves communication, with tangible ROI. It helps to improve the performance of employees. Individual coaching motivates employees to go hard on their career transition. They are encouraged to put forth their own goals and to achieve them. Ways to achieve their executive career change goals are also discussed. It brings creativity and empowerment in employees and above all the employees feel they are valuable, even though the redundancies may have been commercially necessary.

Outplacement Services also Include Group Coaching

Group career coaching enables your employees hone their interview skills so that they can executive career change, fast. Group coaching involves helping employees to learn powerful strategies and follow effective methods to implement those strategies to help them land their next role. It also involves preparations of resume writing. The more impressive the resume is, the more chances of selection for interview. Career coaching also focuses on establishing networks and the hidden jobs market. Strong networking will enable your employees to boost their knowledge and to be aware about job options. Through group coaching, it’s easy to identify the skills of employees and their skills are enhanced accordingly.

Career Coach NYC Services to Know about Hidden Jobs

Tapping into the hidden job market is an indispensable part of career counseling NYC services. There are lots (70% -80%) of jobs that are not advertised. Your employees can miss out on lots of good jobs just because they’re not advertised. Outplacement services enable your employees to notice hidden jobs and how to access them. Networking is the best way to encounter them. People who are in your network might let you know about vacancies. For traditional job search methods, you should also check websites that you have come across. Most companies display vacancies only on their sites not on job portals.

Executive Headhunters / Recruiters

Some employers use headhunters and / or recruiters, and this is a good resource in an executive career change. Employers generally prefer to choose headhunters because they can get highly-skilled employees and can create a smooth executive career change in New York. If your resume is attractive and you are enough skilled to clear the interview, you can get a job much easier by working with a selected group of headhunters.

Executive Connexions Ltd is a UK owned Career Coaching & Outplacement Company working with clients globally. We have a 92% success rate in helping outgoing employees land their next role, fast.

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Outplacement NYC & New York services helps both employees and companies to make a smooth and successful career transition.

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