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What are outplacement services?

Outplacement services are support and training services which are offered to employees who are looking for new jobs or want to enhance their career for a transition. It is provided through coaching on a 1:1  or group outplacement basis. Executive career coaching is offered to senior employees who want to switch their roles or are facing redundancy.

Our executive outplacement services can boost your career, refresh your interview skills that have become rusty over the years and also help you deal with redundancy constructively. Our outplacement consultants deliver the services as well as support, which will help you handle the emotional stress that follows after getting laid off. We understand this emotional aspect and build this in to work we work with our clients.

Meet Our Outplacement Team:

Steve Nicholls
Steve NichollsManaging Director
Chris Gendall
Chris GendallNon Executive Director


Executive Career Coaches

David Opperman
David OppermanExecutive Career Coach
Carolyn Trafford
Carolyn TraffordExecutive Career Coach
Stephen Moore
Stephen MooreExecutive Career Coach
Ric Robinson-Horley
Ric Robinson-HorleyExecutive Career Coach


Frances Cushway
Frances CushwayExecutive Career Coach
Bruce Murphy
Bruce MurphyExecutive Career Coach
David Hardy
David HardyCoach
Katharine Edwards
Katharine EdwardsExecutive Career Coach
Stephen Parkinson
Stephen ParkinsonExecutive Career Coach
Stephen’s Story
Mike Ward
Mike WardExecutive Career Coach
Mike’s Story
ClaudeExecutive Career Coach
Claude’s Story

Specialist Executive Coaches

Jim Claussen
Jim ClaussenSocial Leadership Coach
Stephen Moore
Stephen MooreExecutive Career Coach
Matthew Clark
Matthew ClarkVoice Optimisation Coach
Carolyn Trafford
Carolyn TraffordResilience Coach



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How does it benefit employees?

● Helps you enhance your skills:
Outplacement services can be tailored according to your needs so that you overcome any shortcomings or knowledge gaps. If you lack communication skills, you can benefit from coaching on communication. If you want to update your knowledge on the current state of the job market, outplacement counseling services will be customized in compliance to your needs.

● Makes a stronger CV/Resume:
For making a career leap / career change, you need to strengthen your CV/Resume. By enhancing and properly promoting your skills, you will get noticed more by recruiters and hiring managers. This will help with the transition in your career.

● Helps you get over the ‘loss’:
Getting fired is unpleasant, no matter what the cause is. It may affect your life in certain small and bigger ways. Instead of succumbing to it, you must aim higher and work through the situation. However, this is easier said than done. This is where our outplacement services help you. They not only support you to get over the loss but also broaden your knowledge and skills.

What are the different kinds of outplacement services?

Outplacement services are offered through coaching classes and outplacement support programs.

● You can opt for 1:1 coaching if you want undivided attention from your outplacement consultant.

● If you want to be alongside your fellow employees and enjoy group learning, group coaching classes will be beneficial.