Professional Group Outplacement Services

Outplacement Services have become a more necessary choice for many organisations that believe in supporting their employees at every stage of their career – particularly during a forced departure. It positions an organisation as more reliable, profitable and professional in the market. The most common considerations for outplacement are reputation management, budget and wanting a smooth employee redundancy experience. We understand the sensitivity of the issues involved and deal with it on a personal and professional level.


At Executive Connexions we offer professional Group Outplacement services that have been built upon a strong foundation of experience, knowledge and research by our outplacement consultants. Our services are helpful for organisations as well as individuals. Our 1:1 programs ensure the best results, and are cost-effective for the organisation and at the same time, useful for the outgoing employees. Executive outplacement is a necessary process that requires dealing with multiple steps, and our team of professionals is enabled with the right tools and experience to help you or your employees through the process.


With us, you can enjoy accelerated support from our group outplacement services as we have the tools and technology to take up small or high volume outplacement projects by making use of up to date CV and job interview tips as well as navigating the hidden jobs markets. It is a cost effective service that ensures not just timely and quick response but also within a set budget. We conduct 1:1 as well as group support to help you and your employees get the maximum benefits of our services and beyond.


Our service, conducted by our team of professionals, allow you to interact and engage with experts who can help you clear all your doubts, receive personal attention and have a more pragmatic conversation. This also allows your employees the chance to get a better grip at understanding the numerous things involved in the process, and how they can get ahead in todays competitive jobs market.

Why group outplacement?

Without investing in professional group outplacement an exit or exits can cause a lot of chaos and disturbance for the existing employees as well. This can be further increased if not handled properly and not given enough attention. To maintain equilibrium and balance it is important to extend support to the existing employees as well as outplacement support in many other ways. Our group outplacement service extends its support to many verticals to help your organisation get back on track and continue running effectively and profitably. 


With our team of professionals handling this extremely important yet critical process, you can continue focussing on your own critical tasks. Our professional group outplacement services will help you deliver professional executive career coaching support without interfering with your daily HR tasks and schedules. The job market is highly dynamic and our experts are up to date regarding any changes and the best opportunities out there.

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