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When is It Too Late To Change Careers?

After many years of working on a career path, it may seem stressful and overwhelming to reconsider a career choice. But the question is, is it too late to change careers? No! It is never too late to change your career. Changing career at your age is not an unwise thing to do. Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s [...]

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How To Change Careers At 30

As you clock 30, you might be a little apprehensive about the thought of a career change. A feeling that comes with you thinking about the time you have invested in your present career. However, if you do not find your present career fulfilling due to the fact that you chose the career when you were naive and weren't sure [...]

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How To Change Careers at 35

If you are facing changing careers at 35, you might be intimidated, but there are steps to an easy transition. Most people wonder how to change career at 35 at first, but when put into the right direction, you will be armed to find the dream career. Prepare Your CV The first step is to prepare your CV. Even though [...]

How To Change Careers At 40

How to change careers at 40? Here is how you can make it happen… How to change careers > How to change careers at 40 Have you reached your 40’s? Are you planning for a change in career? Then do not worry about thinking about how do I change my career at 40 or hesitate to plan your second career. You [...]

Unpicking ageism in the senior level job search

As “-isms” go, ageism – particularly when it manifests itself as a bias against older, senior-level candidates and employees – can find itself relegated to being of lesser importance, not as serious as some of the other “-isms”. After all, ageing is something we all acquire through the simple act of living. It can be perceived as the demotic “-ism,” [...]

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Positively position yourself to beat age discrimination in your job search

Some studies suggest that older workers are favoured in their access to managerial roles and many executive recruiters highlight the importance of extensive experience in senior level roles. Yet, we have spoken with two senior executives just today who can see no other reason for not getting their foot in the door with a new company than… their age. There is no question [...]

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How you can overcome ageism in your job search

We’re all prisoners of time and we all become older as each day goes by. Probably, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover (ok, the image we've used may be a tad over the age range of our typical client, but you get the idea!); however, most people do, especially potential employers. In your job search there will be [...]

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Is your age holding you back in your job search and what can be done? [Podcast]

https://www.executiveconnexions.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Isyourageholdingyoubackinyourjobsearchandwhatcanbedone.mp3 Transcript Louise: Hi there, this is Louise from Executive Connexions. My role is engaging with recruiters in order to introduce our clients to them. I am joined today by my colleague Daniel. Daniel is responsible for connecting with our senior executive clients and helping them to better understand our career coaching services. This podcast is entitled: Is your age holding [...]

Age. Is it just a number? [Podcast]

If you perceive age or experience to be a barrier in your executive job search, we suggest ‘putting on the blinkers’, and focusing on your value to the role. Many recruiters are shocked at the general lack of preparation, poor CV and an inability to communicate achievements; get this right and you’re a strong candidate for the role, regardless of [...]

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