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How To Change Careers At 30

As you clock 30, you might be a little apprehensive about the thought of a career change. A feeling that comes with you thinking about the time you have invested in your present career. However, if you do not find your present career fulfilling due to the fact that you chose the career when you were naive and weren’t sure of who you are or what career suits you best. Age 30 is not too late for you to turn everything around. And of course, the best part of you changing your career at 30 is that you are most passionate about your new career. This is a guide on how to change careers at 30. How To Change Careers At 30 Executive Connexions Outplacement


Upon deciding to change careers and wondering how do I change careers at 30, you may find your mind playing a little trick on you. You have to be confident and be certain that you are really going to do it. Confidence doesn’t come by looking into the mirror and muttering to yourself that you are confident, but you have to equip yourself by analyzing your hard skills and channeling them towards your new career. This will require you to have a well-drawn out plan that you can put into action.

Work on becoming better

Oftentimes, people think that the greatest challenge to changing career path at 30 is mapping out what to do next. But really, it isn’t. The greatest challenge is how to convince an employer to hire you in their company. You need to be as persuasive as possible to convince an employer. For this, you will need to present yourself as being capable of executing the job, even though, it is a new page in your life. You have to be clear about what you have to offer an employer.

Take a course

Taking a course or adding to your qualification is a good way to start tackling how to change careers. It is like pressing the reset button for a fresh start. It makes changing career much easier. Although, it is not all you will need to hold the ground in your new career but it is a start. With this, you will need to understand that there are many newly-trained and younger people who are just getting off college that you will be competing with. Basically, for you at 30, you will need to take a more mature path by focusing on your transferable skills and convincing your employer with your existing skills and experience. This will be an added advantage for you.

You need to rebrand

For a career change at 30, you need rebranding. You need to rebrand yourself by mapping out your hard skills in order for you to be able to offer more in your new career. You will also need to rewrite your CV / Resume. You need an optimized and updated CV / Resume to be granted an interview in your chosen field.

Keep moving forward!

You need to keep applying for roles that will get you closer to your new career. Send your application and details to organizations you would like to work with directly. This strategy still works, so don’t overlook speculative approaches. This post should clear your thoughts and the confusion you’ve had on how to change career at 30. Life’s too short, so enjoy your new career! If you want to speak with us for a more personalised view, just get in touch via one of our contact forms.

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