Career Transition & Outplacement San Francisco

Whether it’s a merger, absorption or a corporate restructuring, we strategize the entire outplacement process for you. Our outplacement program has a client-specific approach that strives at providing our clients with hassle-free outplacement services in San Francisco.

San Francisco has one of the most stringent labor laws and the only amicable solution to cross that hurdle is to provide the redundant employees with a smooth and fulfilling career transition in San Francisco.

Our Global Footprint

We are a global outplacement service provider with an overall success rate of 92%. Now, we are all set to give your redundant employees the best outplacement services San Francisco has ever experienced.

Career Coaching, Our Expertise

We also provide outplacement career coaching as part of our support services. This includes training them in stress-management and building resilience. The bay area may have stringent laws, but let our highly strategized and customized outplacement services in San Francisco deal with it.

Being one of the most expensive places to stay in, losing a job is likely to be a nerve-wrecking period during outplacement San Francisco. Hence, we also provide effective counselling and training, either to a group or one-on-one by our expert career coach San Francisco.

Here’s What’s In Store For You!

Our expert career coaches will ensure that your outgoing employees are more confident and comfortable in their new job. This is achieved by training them on how to increase their online presence and explore the online job market a lot more effectively during the phase of a career transition San Francisco.

Outplacement within San Francisco or New York, the skill-set required for online job search is based on similar parameters as the world is now a Global village. Our career coaches train your employees on how to write resumes, cover letters and discover the job market effectively and effortlessly.

Executive Connexions Ltd is a UK based Career Coaching & outplacement Company, working with clients globally. We have a 92% success rate in helping outgoing employees land their next role, fast.

Consult the Experts for Outplacement Services

Outplacement San Fransisco services helps both employees and companies to make a smooth and successful career transition.

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