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Your employees might be redundant and bored to stiff if they have been rendering the services to the company for long time. Their productivity may go downhill and your company may suffer from losses. To whittle down the losses, the company may decide to terminate certain workers. However, this decision can be painstaking as you’re ousting those employees who have stood by you and this decision can put your employees in tight corner. This is where outplacement management steps in. Outplacement management services aim to support employees through their job transition. Some companies provide outplacement services to show that they don’t want to leave them in lurch though they had to let them go. Here is what outplacement services include.


What Does our Outplacement Coaching Include?


Outplacement services are provided by those employers who assist employees in searching of jobs. Outplacement coaching includes one to one coaching and group coaching.

  • Outplacement management will help your employees to know new job searching techniques. The coaching tells them on how they can find new jobs easily and quickly.
  • They assess skills, experience, develop resumes, cover letters and schedule an interview on the behalf of employees.
  • Executive Outplacement services also include executive career coaching & training employees on exploring the new and creative ways of working.
  • Your employees will also learn how to negotiate the salary, give presentations and develop a strong online presence.
  • Outplacement coaching will also enhance your interview skills so as to ensure that you’re appointed by other companies. The coaching will provide you the suffice and contemporary knowledge on the market so that your employees could thrive in their career.
  • These services will help them to crack hidden job market. Your employees will be trained on how to establish networking even when they don’t need a job. They will attend conference, share their ideas, contact to the employers directly and join a professional networking group.

How Does Your Employee Benefit From Outplacement Management?

  • Enhanced interview skills
  • Motivated and confident
  • Exploring new techniques and ways to get jobs
  • Improved success rate

How Does Your Company Benefit From Outplacement Management?

  • No disappointment and disheartening during layoff and hence there are no chances of disputes between you and your employees during the job transition.
  • Providing support to your employees who have rendered services dedicatedly to your company and who love to face off the most competitive jobs.

This helps to boost the morale of other redundant employees in your organization when they see how other employees are well-trained and well-treated. This establishes a sound relationship between you and your employees.

Frequently Asked Questions: What is Outplacement?