Today’s business environment is riddled with changes: mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, relocation, retirement, and ever-changing market pressures. Most work force changes are largely a result of these changes and this is why corporate outplacement is needed to be involved.

Redundancy situations can be stressful, traumatic and often unpleasant for both employer and employee.

Outplacement services allow these changes to be made in a professional and structured manner. If managed correctly, redundancy can be the start of new beginnings such as finding a job in a great company, making a career change or starting a new business.

Provide the right support

People are your most important asset, even when they are leaving your business. Giving them the opportunity to move on physically and mentally, with new networks and a positive sense of the company they are leaving, is a no-brainer. Think about the reputation of your company, a word of mouth can travel at the speed of light. Provide corporate outplacement support that works for your employees and helps them to move on in the best possible way.

Through support of our executive outplacement services, people often move on quicker and many are surprised about the life skills that they acquire during the transition process. For the remaining employees, they benefit from seeing their colleagues leave with dignity, appropriate support, and are more likely to speak positively about the organisation and maintain their morale.

Advocate and communicate

Your wider HR and recruitment teams, employees’ line managers and executive team should know what corporate outplacement is and be advocates for it. If everyone takes responsibility for communicating the services available, you will optimise your success as an employer of choice, and your employees will truly feel the benefit of the support.

Success of Corporate Outplacement

Employees get quality advice, assistance with creating cutting edge CV and cover letter, help with application materials, networking support, interview skills practice, which gives them advantage when they enter the market place again.

At Executive Connexions, we design a programme from the ground up, but have come to realise that there are certain elements that work and work well. Those elements will include; setting the scene and mind set, CV review and coaching, job interview preparation, and a combination of expert one-to-one support and group training methodologies. You can find more information about our tailored corporate outplacement services here.

Let’s summarise

Advantages for a company:

  • Corporate outplacement strengthens the corporate image both external and internal
  • Contributes to the professional and personal development of the former employee
  • Raises motivation, confidence and productivity of the remaining employees
  • The company shows commitment to the welfare of exiting employees and their environment.

Advantages for independent people or executives:

  • Builds self-esteem
  • Promotes the acquisition of new skills
  • Support more easily assume new challenges
  • It provides training opportunity for personal and professional level
  • Help in finding and obtaining a new job

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