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NOTE: We are not headhunters or recruiters. This page is for information purposes only.

What is executive headhunting? (Who are executive headhunters?)

An executive headhunter works on behalf of the job seeker who is in search of an executive position. Our executive headhunter services are a part of career management and our executive career coaching services including career coaching, executive outplacement, career change and many other circumstances. If you are in hunt of a certain role in the industry and need someone to seek for opportunities fit for that role, our headhunting services will benefit you.

Headhunting is also used as an alternative term for executive search. It is a targeted exercise which is research-led. The services also extend to approaching appropriate candidates and pitching relevant opportunities to them. Even if the candidates are not seeking for jobs, they may consider transitioning. It works differently than a recruitment process. This process searches for executive professionals who are specifically fit for a particular role. Our job is to help you get headhunted by navigating the hidden jobs market and other sources to access the best headhunted roles.

How will you benefit from executive headhunter services?

There are many ways by which you can benefit from executive headhunters services as a candidate.

Headhunters will brush up your interview skills
If you have not been to an interview in a long time, you might be lacking confidence. Our executive headhunter services will help you to succeed so you are more than prepared. From improving your technical knowledge, to keeping updated with the latest interview trends, you can develop your skills efficiently. You will also get great tips to maximize your chances.

You will get personalised attention
Headhunters do not work with big groups. They focus on a selected group of highly motivated and potential candidates. As a candidate, you will get personal attention and guidance through our executive career coaching programmes. This will help you in overall development and increase your probability of getting your dream job.

Headhunters have a detailed knowledge about the hidden job market
Headhunters have accrued knowledge about the hidden job markets and we have the knowledge that can get you jobs that you would generally not have access to. Several companies utilise headhunting services in a discrete manner, especially when it concerns senior executive roles.

NOTE: We are not headhunters or recruiters. This page is for information purposes only.