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Networking and interacting with recruiters: A head hunter’s view

I interviewed top head hunter Phil Sharp, Managing Director of Executive Headhunters Ltd. My questions to Phil were based around some of the concerns my clients have. So here you have it from a Head Hunters perspective. Q: How can senior level candidates network appropriately? I think the answer to this one really depends on whether the person is on [...]

Headhunter Insights with Sam Ma’ayan: How to create your own luck in your senior level job search

Sam Ma'ayan, Senior Consultant at Morgan Hunt and a specialist in Not for Profit senior recruitment, explains why some senior executives seem to find the perfect new senior level job and how you, too, can create your own luck to accelerate your career in 2016. Tell us about your role as an Executive Headhunter…  I am a sector specialist in Charities [...]

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Headhunter Insights with Sam Ma’ayan: Assumptions in recruitment

Sam Ma'ayan, Senior Consultant at Morgan Hunt and a specialist in Not for Profit senior recruitment, shares some interesting insights on How you might be making it harder for headhunters to help you land your next role (without even knowing it!) & what to do about it... Tell us about your role as an Executive Headhunter…  I am a sector specialist in [...]

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Headhunter Insights with Peter France: Social media

Peter France, an Executive Headhunter specialising in the retail sector, shares his perspective on headhunting. He talks about the importance of using social media in your executive job search, with insights on how to best use social media to connect with headhunters.  Peter also offers his observations of the retail industry and explains where he can make a difference to your career path as an [...]

Headhunter Insights with Sam Harrison: Working with headhunters

Sam Harrison, an Executive Headhunter, provides a glimpse of life as a headhunter. In this article, he touches on the rewards and challenges of his chosen career. Sam also talks about one of the most difficult aspects of working with a headhunter to land a new job role, highlighting how best you, as a senior level candidate, can develop an effective working relationship with [...]

Executive Headhunter Tips with Emma Sankey

When asked what senior level candidates can do to boost success in their job search, a huge proportion of recruiters tell us that candidates need to improve the quality of their CV and learn to effectively communicate their achievements. Even when you’ve written what you believe to be a high-quality CV, the chances are it isn’t as good as you think [...]

Headhunter Insights with Andrew Ellis: Networking for introverted professionals

There are certain aspects of the executive job search that people often find difficult. Networking is one of these areas. We initially see many of our new clients struggling to network effectively and senior level job candidates often ask us for advice on this. When we spoke with Andrew Ellis, Divisional Manager at Executive Headhunters, we asked him to share his ideas on how [...]

Headhunter Insights with Victoria Baker: Transferable skills

This month, we spoke with Executive Headhunter Victoria Baker to bring you more job search guidance from the Headhunter's perspective. As a Generalist Headhunter, Victoria's role covers the end-to-end recruitment cycle and she has particular expertise at recruiting at senior/management level within a range of sectors. Here, Victoria highlights the importance of transferable skills, and shares her best advice to help senior executives [...]

Headhunter Insights with James Boyer: Building relationships with headhunters

'James Boyer, Headhunter' Executive Headhunter James Boyer, a specialist in the online gaming industry, shares his unconventional job search tips for senior executives.   James offers advice to help senior executives improve their approach to networking and goes on to explain how you can begin to build a strong relationship with a Headhunter. He provides insight into the gaming industry and you'll find out why you should [...]

Headhunter Insights with Paul Fitzsimmons: Impress the hiring manager

This month, we’re bringing you executive job search advice from Paul Fitzsimmons, Executive Headhunter and a specialist in the public transport and aviation markets. Paul reveals why most senior level candidates fail and how you can do more to impress a hiring manager. He reveals industry findings based on his experience headhunting, which will be particularly valuable to Project Managers [...]

Headhunter Insights with Laura Banks: Demonstrating cultural-fit

This month, we've asked Executive Headhunter and Accountancy and Finance specialist, Laura Banks to share her hints and tips for senior level candidates.  Laura highlights the importance of finding the right 'client-candidate match' and provides valuable insights to help candidates demonstrate they are a good cultural-fit with the company and build rapport in the job interview. Laura also reveals an interesting finding based on her recent [...]

Headhunter Insights with Peter Moseley: Job interview do’s and dont’s

We asked Executive Headhunter, Peter Moseley to share his perspective on how senior level candidates can accelerate their job search. His responses provide insight into how candidates can create a positive impression to catch a hiring manager’s attention in the job interview. Peter also reveals some interesting industry findings based on his recent experience headhunting in the construction and manufacturing [...]

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