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Executive Recruiter In London

Looking For An Executive Recruiter Or Executive Headhunter In London?

What Is An Executive Recruiter?

Executive recruiters, also known as executive headhunters or search consultants, are professionals who are trained in the recruitment of personnel such as directors, senior managers as well as high-level corporate officers to a company. Executive recruiters are well informed about the people they recruit in their executive search and can can recruit for more than one industry, but with some executive headhunters having specific industry specialisms. They also come prepared with quite a long list of contacts, with the length of these contacts usually being longer depending on their number of years experience in executive search.

This article is for information purposes only, as we’re a career coaching firm, but like to furnish as much help as we can to you as a candidate.

What Is The Difference Between An Executive Recruiter And A Recruitment Agency?

Executive recruiters and executive headhunters usually work in an executive search firm, and these are companies who collect a sum of money for giving executive individuals to companies they work with (often but not always known as retained services). Some companies with a lot of power and name as well as substantial capital usually employ talent professionals in their HR department.

While in an agency, executive recruiters usually work with a contingency contract. The difference between these two are, in retainer contracts, the clients usually pay the executive headhunters in other to retain their jobs meanwhile in contingency contract, recruiters get paid for an executive placement, and contingency means that more than one agency may be involved in the assignment. Retained contracts usually ensure a steady income to a recruiter over a period time, plus exclusivity to that assignment. Meanwhile contingency contracts offer high amounts to the efficient executive recruiters, but can also mean a ‘first across the finishing line’ mentality.

What Skills Do The Top Executive Recruiters In London Have?

They understand the importance of technology

Executives who work with corporations have to continue keeping up with the latest technology and trends. They also need to know the use of sophisticated software as they help increase their work efficiency. This isn’t only applicable to powerful corporations but as well as high-level corporate officers. This is because, in the executive recruiting world, you cannot afford to lose clients by using outdated methods in interviewing and screening your candidates.  

Build up your contacts and network

This is a direct need for top executive recruiters and is their best weapon. To be able to continue building your contact lists and networks, the idea is to be in a good relationship and regular communication with companies you already work for, while looking for more potential clients to build good and reliable relationships.

So a good executive headhunter is one who checks back with companies after placing a candidate in order to ask for referrals, check the progress and as well stay in touch. No contact is too unworthy, and even if that is not exactly the best, it is good to take care and be cautious nonetheless. Never forget, getting a lot of referrals from companies and industries to come a long way in strengthening your network, which is good for business.

Understand the inside, and outside of companies you are recruiting for

To be able to get an executive for a company, you must have more than an idea of what that company does. This helps you a lot when recruiting as you already have a knowledge of what they might be looking for. So if you’re recruiting an executive for a particular spot, knowing more about that job helps you understand if your candidate is a good fit for the role. To do this, find someone in this field and network with them. Build regular communication with them. Attend conferences and seminars that deal in the discussion of the industry of interest, while staying in touch with your candidate as well. Read books on this field/sector/discipline, if possible, become a sector expert to absorb perfectly what you might be looking for.

Executive recruiters and headhunters have to balance client and candidate needs

  • But… remember they work for the client primarily
  • Executive recruiters and headhunters have to provide marketing services to their clients.
  • They are required to interview the potential candidate.
  • They help in the negotiation processes.
  • Have a discussion with an employer for an offer.
  • They now have to present a candidate to a hiring company employer.
  • Prepare the final candidates for an interview.
  • They have to debrief candidates right after an interview.
  • They help in preparing a candidate that has been hired to fit in fine with the new position.
  • They do check-ups and follow up on hired candidates and clients from time to time.

Looking for an executive recruiter and headhunter in London? Here are the benefits of working with executive connexions in London alongside merely connecting with recruiters.

Why Do You Need An Executive Recruiter In London?

  1. When you get a recommendation from an executive recruiter, you stand out from the other candidates vying for the same position. You have a better chance and position to get the job than the other candidates as companies trust more on executive recruiters and headhunters candidates.
  2. They help in giving you an option to be presented by another party, which is trusted by the client company in comparison to going with just direct contact.
  3. You tend to work with a detailed and financially strong company as they pay for research too.
  4. You have chances of getting Jobs that are hidden from the general public as these positions are assigned to search for firms recommendations. (As well as 70% that are never advertised!)
  5. A headhunter and executive recruiter are dependent on you getting that job. It’s how they get their income, so they give their best to make sure it is possible, and this includes helping you with your interview preparations. They give you an insight on people you would meet and the company that is hiring.
  6. They help you in negotiating and reaching an acceptable conclusion in your compensation contract.
  7. They act as a good information source for you and the company hiring. Before and after the search, interview, and placement.

All of the above shows how much executive recruiters and headhunters can help you to secure your job in your executive search. But there are things you should know as a candidate to ensure a smooth and effective working atmosphere for you and them. These include:

  • Under no circumstance should you stretch the truth about your past, such as job experience, income, education and other things that could affect your relationship with your recruiter. Because no matter how you try, the truth tends to come out in the wash, and that jeopardizes every chance you have of getting the job.
  • Remember to always keep appointments and return calls. Feeling too important and playing hard to get does not help you get a Job in any way.
  • You should be open to your recruiters. You can agree for a reference check if they request this, which is more than likely.
  • If you lose interest in the job, it is best to quit the search early than after you’ve gone too deep and even been successful!
  • Wait for a recruiter to let you know when a spot is available. Constantly calling and unnecessary follow up doesn’t yield too much.
  • Don’t take it too personally if you don’t get the job as a lot of people apply for one job but only one can be successful.

With all this being said, Executive recruiters and headhunters are very important in helping you get more chances of landing a director level, manager level or executive level job, so if you’re looking for an executive recruiter in London, you can alongside that strategy invest in Executive Connexions’ services, and apart from discussing job search strategy, we will connect you with the top executive headhunters, plus other contacts in our networks, whilst also providing you with industry leading career coaching.

Our executive career coaching services will help you get you that dream job that you want faster, by making you stand out more.

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