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Redundancy: those who stay and those who go – Part 2

Career Coaching vs. Outplacement Services: which-is-which and where do you fit in? Part 2.

There’s a fine line between the terms mentioned; sometimes these are intertwined, working in tandem, other times they overlap. Are you sitting in the grey area in-between? If you are, that’s okay; as long as you’re hitting the sweet spot with the guidance you’re getting with your career planning, goals, and actions!

Welcome to Part 2, Part 1 was published last week.

Last week we looked at Career Coaching; today, we unpack Outplacement Services, and we look at the relationship between these two services.


Outplacement often forms part and parcel of an employee’s benefits package, where such a service is introduced should said-employee be made redundant. 

Career Coaching is typically privately employed and paid for by an individual, whereas Outplacement Services are generally picked up by the company, the bill footed by the business.

A forced job or career change, often unexpected, can be an anxiety-evoking and challenging time for any individual; this is where an Outplacement Services professional can help you with the essentials to understand and put in practice how to make career-appropriate decisions during a time when one may feel overwhelmed, vulnerable, and uncertain.

Should your organisation be going through redundancy or there is talk of job losses – and you are concerned for your position – approach your human resources department to enquire about outplacement services.


High on the list of an Outplacement Service, is the need to offer you stability and relief from the stresses of an unpredictable time in your life, that of pending unemployment. A good Outplacement Service provides a career support ‘wingman or woman’ of sorts who can help you navigate this period in your life, setting a clear path toward job satisfaction and success. 

Outplacement Services can occur in a group setting or individually to help the exiting employee best prepare for their departure from their redundant role and what they would like for their career next. These services entail much of the career coaching essentials discussed in Part 1 of this article, overlapping and intertwined with what a comprehensive Outplacement Service will cover. 

In addition to assisting job seekers in the preparation process, Outplacement professionals also help exiting employees figure out their worth in the workplace world, a common problem for many facing redundancy, a feeling of being undervalued and even misunderstood.

An Outplacement professional will focus on communication and career exploration by helping you examine what you bring to the table, which makes you uniquely qualified to do the job you want. A well-versed Outplacement Professional will never look at you as just another employee but as a unique individual. Hearing your perspective and seeing your value as a capable worker should boost those facing redundancy to help find a rewarding and satisfying career path again.

Finding a new job or setting your career onto a different path can be difficult, especially when you leave a company after several years of working your way through the ranks. An excellent Outplacement Services will help you to find your footing and to deal with appropriate feedback from the right people in the process, to gain from that and set yourself on a positive and rewarding career trajectory. 

A well-rounded Career Coach and Outplacement Professional will help you turn redundancy on its head and assist you in seeing the opportunity in what may otherwise appear a daunting event. 

Executive Connexions is a Professional Outplacement Service. If you are likely to go through a Redundancy process – as an individual or a company – be in touch for a free strategy chat.

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