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Redundancy: those who stay and those who go – Part 1

Redundancy: those who stay and those who go - Part 1

There’s a fine line between the terms mentioned; sometimes these are intertwined, working in tandem, other times they overlap. Are you sitting in the grey area in-between? If you are, that’s okay; as long as you’re hitting the sweet spot with the guidance you’re getting with your career planning, goals, and actions!

Welcome to Part 1, Part 2 to follow in a week. We’ll link it here when it becomes available.

Career Coaching

When you’re searching for a new position, you don’t want to waste time networking with companies that may not be a good match for your unique personality and skills. Sending off multiple job applications that disappear into a dark abyss will be doing nothing for your morale, and sometimes it isn’t easy to see the wood for the trees, blinded by the anxiety of finding that next best-suited position or aiming for that promotion. 

Enter: a career coach who can help set out and pace the process, often with faster, successful results than going at it on your own.


Engaging in career coaching usually means signing up for a professional service for your account (although sometimes your employer will foot the bill). You and the appointed career coach will peruse your career history, education, skills, needs, and wants, plus the projection for your next position or promotion. A career coach will work out a bespoke programme for you based on the above findings. 

Typically you would revise your career history, practice job interview skills, and discuss potential gaps in your CV. Skills Assessments are likely to form part of the career coach’s repertoire in establishing what is most suited to you and your future. Your coach will help you to develop strategies for your career, both short-term and long-term.

You and your career coach will look at job prospects together; the coach will help you best prepare cover letters for the positions of interest earmarked. If you employ a service like ours, for example, you will dive into what the hidden job market holds.

Your coach will help you identify those positions and companies where you are most likely to be received as a match, an excellent candidate. Career coaching also helps those who aim for a promotion or a change within their current company.

Ideally, you want to walk out of a career coaching programme feeling reconciled in your next steps along your career path, with a plan and firm trajectory envisioned for your career.

Next week, we look at Outplacement Services and where Career Coaching fits into that picture. 

In the meantime, if you want to find out more about what we can do for you, book a free career strategy call with us. 



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