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Help Make Me Popular?

Help Make Me Popular?

Many people think they know what a Career Coach does, the same folk assuming that it is perhaps not for them – one of those services that others may need but not oneself. But, before you click out of this article, bear with me, the Career Coach, to tell you more. 

After writing the above paragraph, I must say that I almost deleted it because employing a coach, a life coach, or a therapist has become more commonplace. I am trying to say that the notion of seeking help has definitely become more transparent and acceptable, mental health being spoken about more openly. This is wonderful! I’m not sure, though, if the same is said for having a Career Coach. I hope it’s become or becoming more commonplace too. Perhaps you can tell me in the comment section below?

Time to jump straight in

A Career Coach is best suited to someone who:

  • is going through redundancy – coping with the exit and trying to find something new, or decide best next steps
  • is moving positions, trying to break into the next salary and position bracket
  • Is trying to move from a senior position into a C-level role
  • is wanting to change careers, so, therefore, not just jobs, but careers, for example, today’s teacher wanting to move into a corporate role
  • is needing support in dealing with certain aspects around their job, team, peers, or company (including troubleshooting issues)
  • is wanting to expand and improve on their skills

Calling on the assistance of a career coach is typically not an ongoing arrangement but someone to call on for a set period, predetermined or not, to help deal with something specific. 

A career coach offers the proverbial (yet professional) shoulder to cry on or hand to hold when dealing with ‘stuff’ (enter more eloquent word here) in their job or career. Of course, there are the opinions and help of one’s friends, family, and colleagues, but the support of a fair and independent professional, supportive person, can be invaluable. 

A Career Coach will help you to achieve the desired RESULT!

Overall, a Career Coach will help you to drive a required result, usually one (or more) that reads as follows:

  • A great new job
  • A successfully changed career
  • A seamless exit from the previous role
  • A salary bracket upgrade
  • Greater awareness of self
  • Overcome inertia
  • An understanding of one’s core values
  • Understanding one’s own needs and wants in terms of job and career combined with an understanding of what is ‘right’ for one
  • Improved work-life balance  
  • Refined skills – such as leadership and listening

A career coach will hone areas, some of which you may be unaware of or want to avoid, perhaps subconsciously, like:

  • strengths
  • weaknesses 
  • your personality type
  • your skills
  • what stops you
  • what scares you
  • what motivates you

A coach should never tell you what to do but will help you to avoid chasing your tail and help:

  • understand your feelings
  • peruse your goals
  • break old habits 
  • tweak your mindset
  • make firm decisions
  • firm up a definite plan
  • take strong actions
  • build resilience
  • monitor your progress
  • support you all the way!

Having someone to guide you through significant career changes or job desires is an asset worth having. So next time, don’t brush over the idea of a Career Coach. Sometimes the time is ‘right’ to consider one! And, please help me to make Career Coaching popular, it’s okay to seek help.

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