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Does Hiring Really Slow Down in the Summer?

hiring in summer

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”F. Scott Fitzgerald


The heat-wave finally hit us and it’s here to stay (well, for a while anyway…)! We day dream in an office about refreshing mojitos by the pool and catching some sun. Oh sweet, sweet summertime. Chances are, it’s a time of year when your social schedule is packed. But, your professional life? Well, that seems a little slow.

Your office looks like a deserted island with not much going on because colleagues are on holidays. There are only a few meetings in your diary- not the usual traffic and you have a constant feeling of escaping your desk and enjoying the weather.

This creates misconception many people that summer is an awful time to job search and companies put a pause on hiring for those warmer months. But does hiring really slow down in the summer? The short answer: Absolutely not. The truth is that recruiters and hiring managers do not get their summers off, and companies do not go to a standstill. Summer is an excellent time for looking for a new job!


There’s Less Competition

Common sense: If everybody automatically assumes it’s a terrible time to apply for an open position, there are less people dipping into the jobs pool. It goes without saying that standing out from the sea of competition can be a huge challenge to overcome, the less CVs there is in that pile, the better your chances will be!

Jump in, keep tailoring your CV and polishing your cover letter—even when you think everyone else is taking a break. While they’re planning their next holidays, you’ll be planning your next career move.


Hiring Managers Are Often Less Busy


Many candidates can benefit from summer hiring, as the hiring managers they are meeting with are not heavily involved in year-end related projects. The less that a hiring manager has on their plate means the more time and attention they can give to filling any open positions—meaning your application stands a better chance of being reviewed somewhat promptly (rather than being consistently pushed back).


You’ll Have an Easier Time Asking for Time Off

It’s always exciting to land an interview for a job you’re interested in. But how to explain your absence, without raising any red flags? The summer is your big ally, as taking days off in the summer is expected and common. Continuing your job search now means you’ll be able to cut out in the middle of a weekday afternoon—without setting off any alarms.


Networking is Easier

Your network will be a huge asset to you when you’re job searching. The good news? People are often looking for any sort of excuse to get out of the office during the summer—especially in August, when everything feels super slow.

That’s why your request to get together with a new acquaintance or an old colleague will feel less like a burden or a hassle and more like a welcomed opportunity—which means you’ll have a much easier time establishing some relationships and expanding your network of professional connections.

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