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Land your next role faster: Ground-breaking strategy for senior executives

Land your next role faster - Ground-breaking strategy for senior executives

Executive search is changing.

Employers are now seeking executives who can lead their companies into the digital future, vs. the industrial age leaders of old. Today, recruiters are shifting into technology to better find the right talent for the right position; to find talent for the modern digital age, based on your digital and social brand.

The imperative for you is to align to the new way of executive recruitment and executive leadership in a digital age; you must change the way you approach your search for executive jobs.

Yesterday saw the launch of a new and exclusive social recruiting program, which has been designed from the ground up to help you differentiate yourself from the competition in your job search, and not only that – to then take that digital/social knowledge forward into your next leadership position and continue to grow your ‘social’ profile and presence as a company leader. We are very excited to be pioneering a new approach to social media in senior executive recruitment, with our partner Jim Claussen, Founder of the Executive Social Academy. This program will be extremely valuable in helping prepare you for this new, exciting phase of your career.

Do you really need to use social media in your job search?

Yes, you do! We’ve seen a change in the way recruiters are finding candidates and 92% of recruiters now use social media in the recruiting process. 

This is all about being found and thereby accessing the hidden jobs market. Our ‘Be Found’ approach is a paradigm shift in career & job search: what senior level job candidates do in social/digital will bring opportunities, particularly those hidden (unadvertised) job opportunities, to them.

This is about establishing your visible credibility, being found, being recruited.

Our independent recruiter and candidate research showed a disconnect between recruiters’ and senior candidates’ perceptions of how well prepared they were. It also appears that there’s a blind spot with many executives around embracing – truly embracing, and maintaining social as a job search strategy, as well as part of their ongoing professional practice.

Are you a leader of the future?

Organizations globally are looking for the leadership of the future… leaders who have demonstrated they can lead business in a digital economy, but how do you do this?

We want to help you position yourself as a visible, credible candidate, to rise above the competition and demonstrate your leadership through social – rather than focusing on the advertised jobs market, the frustration around which is all too evident from the many conversations we have with candidates, after submitting many applications into ‘the black hole’.

In the world of executive roles, becoming a truly social leader for today’s digital economy is crucial. Organizations globally are looking for the leadership of the future; Leaders who understand and can lead the business in a digital economy shaped by hyper-connected influencers, social validation, and the ability for consumers (headhunters, executive search consultants, hiring managers, company leaders) to research anything with a few keystrokes.

Businesses are looking for digital age leaders to replace industrial age leaders.

Our ground-breaking program will give you practical steps and support you to learn and maintain a strong social presence. You’ll find out how to use social media platforms, why publishing is so powerful (we also offer the option of training to hone your writing skills), how to be found, and more, including daily reminders / actions for you to maintain the social momentum you’ll discover.

This program is designed to help you achieve the result that you want; to land your next senior level role, faster.

For a confidential discussion around taking a social approach to your job search, or to find out more about the BE FOUND program, book a strategy call with me today (we offer a limited number of these calls each month).

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