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Online Outplacement Services

online outplacement services

You might be wondering why online outplacement services are so important in our time. Well first and foremost, it should not come as a surprise to you that the number of unemployed professionals is seemingly on the rise following every New Year. These unemployed executives could be long unemployed or could be recently out of a job due to redundancy by their former workplace. There are more than a few reasons that could lead to employees becoming redundant and eventually being laid off. However, when it comes to outplacement services, for many reasons choosing an outplacement firm can become very difficult due to location, time and many other factors. This is where online outplacement comes into play.

The decision to lay off employees by a company is a relatively difficult one, especially for the employees in question. The organisation or company laying off the employees are aware that for a period of time things would be somewhat difficult for their “ex-employees.” This is why most companies endeavor to provide as much aid as possible to all the employees who were laid off, but not just to the benefit to them, but to themselves too. Outplacement can come in several forms that give not just the ex-employee a head start in finding their new role, but heightens the chances of retaining company reputation by providing the employees a happier and less stressful leave. However, one of the main benefits in the outplacement provided by some firms is that online outplacement services can be a core part of the process as well as providing the flexibility needed.

Why Do Companies Choose Outplacement?

There are many types of aid a company can give to an employee who has been made redundant such as a severance package. A severance package will vary from one company to the other and from one employee to the other. This is a sum of money that an employer could decide to offer an employee upon the end of his or her stay with the said company. The amount of money is usually stated in the contract binding the employee to the company. This severance package pay could be made up of as much as two weeks of pay for each month that the individual rendered services to the company (for executive staff it is usually more). But at times, money will not really be able to suffice in the long run. It would eventually be exhausted, and the individual could still be out of a job. This is the case especially if he or she has worked with the previous company for a very long time and is not up to date on modern job searching techniques, interview skills and CV writing tactics. This problem has made some companies include other opportunities such as outplacement services and other long term benefits in their severance package.

Outplacement (what is outplacement) as a part of the severance package is quickly becoming a trend among companies and industries all around the world. It is a career transition aid of sort. As mentioned previously, outplacement is especially needed by those who have been employed for a long period of time. The requirements when it comes to seek employment, the preparation of an acceptable CV and even the development of modern and acceptable interviewing skills are ever changing. Hence someone who has not been unemployed for a long time would obviously be behind the times leaving the person totally vulnerable if he or she is to re-enter the job market.

As we can figure out, there are many skills and other things to learn, and therefore most companies would employ the aid of online outplacement services to assist their redundant employees in updating their knowledge and skills with regard to job searching as the most effective solution. At Executive Connexions, provide one of the best outplacement services UK has to offer to assist clients through the various online outplacement services. Since the former employers were caring enough to request our online outplacement services, we ensure that our clients are very satisfied with our services and are ready to navigate the jobs market.

Online Outplacement Services

Online outplacement services are necessary when you are planning or preparing for a change in career or career transition, but need to be more efficient in busy times, places to be or other factors. Coaching services for executive careers, excellent outplacement services and support are are not hindered with all activities being online.

Some of the more popular online outplacement services include:

Online Interview Training: What interviewers today are looking for in a candidate and the best way to present yourself to the interviewer are issues that we get our clients oriented with. Moreover, as part of our online outplacement services, we could help you keep track of all the places you presented your CV. While also assisting you in finding a suitable option in this job market where the most suitable job for you will most likely be hidden.

Online Group Coaching Services: At Executive Connexions, we offer online outplacement services that include group coaching sessions. We have honed our skills with regard to the managing of large groups over the years. We have outplacement consultants that can help our clients as a group to acclimatize to the current job market. Our group outplacement services have been fitted and equipped to be able to handle any job, be it a small scale or a large scale outplacement project. We have the necessary and latest technology and tools that would aid us in making our services more efficient. This is why we have fitted online outplacement in our programme.

Our group coaching services are also beneficial and efficient because they are quicker due to the fact that we are addressing all the involved individuals at the same time and carrying everyone along. Research is done to find out the most common issue in a group, and the issue will be tackled. Moreover, these group online outplacement services can be cheaper and more cost effective for the company involved.

One to One (1:1) Online Coaching Services: Our 1 to 1 coaching services do not fall behind our group coaching services in any way. The major benefit of the 1 to 1 coaching in comparison to the group coaching services is that the former is more personal. It allows us to use a more personalised strategy when dealing with our clients. We consider their strengths and weaknesses while working to further build up the strengths and eliminate the weaknesses. If you only have one employee needing online outplacement, or are an individual seeking it, then you’ll fit into this bracket.

Online CV Skill Training: Any new development in the job market is our business. Although the accepted patterns and requirements with regard to the writing of CV have continually evolved over time, we have endeavored to keep abreast with the situation. We pull out all the stops in the online outplacement service so our clients are on the best way to present their skills and qualifications via their CV. This way their CV would properly represent them as they try their very best to get their balance in the current job market.

This is just a handful of activities and focuses within outplacement outplacement services and there are a lot of other services and focuses that may be included. Simply contact us today to find out more surrounding what online outplacement services can do for you.

Why Choose Us For Online Outplacement Services?

Our outplacement services at Executive Connexions are top notch and have been polished over the years. The passage of time has helped us to develop a sure-fire method in the orientation of our clients that have proven to be very useful to them in due time. We incorporate online outplacement into all our outplacement services, because we know this is the most flexible and efficient approach for all parties.

Regarding the job in hand, we focus to change the mindset of the person and put the person in a suitable mindset to search for a job optimistically. We also set the suitable scenes that would help in the training of our clients. To do this, all our services need to be personalised to each client and “personalised” they are. That’s why we have the success rate we have achieved.

Next, we have a program in place that gives our client an online presence in the virtual job market. This will put him or her in the right position to get a job in the hidden market. All outplacement costs are summed with value in mind.

Hence, with regard to online outplacement services, do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a consultation or solution to your problem.

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