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How To Find A Good Career Coach

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Congratulations! You have decided that you would like to fast-track finding your next ‘it’ job by teaming up with a career coach. You are half way there. Now it’s all about finding a good one, but where is this mysterious creature hiding? How do you find a good career coach? Maybe it’s like the Loch Ness Monster… everyone has heard about ‘him’ yet no one has ever seen him? Rest assured, good career coaches are out there! And hiring one is money well spent. It’s an investment in your future and we show you how to select a good career coach. How To Find A Good Career Coach Executive Connexions Outplacement Working with a professional career coach can increase your confidence, teach you new skills, and increase your income. It may take focused effort to find the right match, but the effort you put in now can give you a return on your investment that lasts for years to come. What type of person do you work best with? Think in terms of teachers, mentors and other “coach” like figures you’ve worked with in the past. Who encouraged you, inspired you, and helped you get to the next level? What were the qualities they all had in common? Hiring a coach is a big decision. Do your research. Check LinkedIn profiles and websites to see client recommendations and ask people in your network for suggestions and referrals. Perhaps the easiest way to find a reliable career coach is to get a referral from a friend or someone in your personal network. But be aware that just because someone is a good coach does not mean they are the best coach for you. It’s all about chemistry and being on ‘the same page’. You need someone that ‘gets’ you without the need for lengthy explanations. Trust is a huge part of the relationship, not just because you’re sharing personal or confidential information, but also because coaching involves being challenged and supported. Also, look for accreditation. Not all career coaches are accredited. Next step- Google your problem + career coach. You need to find a coach that specializes in what you need assistance with. It’s worth asking your coach about their type of experience, and where they achieve their best results. You want a career coach who has a history of helping people achieve the kind of results you want. It’s not enough that they be a good coach; they need to be good at what you need help with. Do a test-drive (we call it a ‘chemistry meeting’). Remember to use both your head and your heart – your head will help you pick someone with the right background in your budget, and your heart will help you pick someone you have a good rapport with. 4 Top Tips:
  • Do the free stuff. Take advantage of a free complimentary call to get to know their approach. Does it work for you?
  • Read the website (no, really… properly). Do you like the tone, content, design, any usp’s. and perspective?
  • Notice how they makes you feel. Do they make you feel empowered, intelligent, and hopeful?
  • See if they passes the coffee test: Are they someone you’d want to have coffee with for an hour?
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