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Fake News – You can’t change your career at 40

You can't change your career at 40

Do you remember the excitement of turning a page of your favourite book? The anticipation of what might happen, holding your breath and being thrilled about the story… Your life is like a book and sometimes it’s worth turning a page to progress your story instead of reading the same page over and over again.

To make a career change you must take RISKS and face FEAR.

Changing careers is one of the most challenging professional risks you can take. Yes, this is a major life decision and yes, you may feel afraid! But don’t let fear dictate how you live your life. A so-called midlife crisis can skyrocket you to new heights!

Once upon a time the career you chose in your teens stuck with you for life, but of course times have changed and now we live the lives of constant change and movement. The world is swirling around. Even news channels can’t keep up with a constantly changing political climate since the arrival of Mr. Trump… Being able to change and possessing adaptability is no longer an option. It’s a necessity.

Taking the leap of faith into the unknown of a new and challenging career can help you rediscover your true passion and purpose. A common barrier is ‘too old’. Says who? Alan Rickman didn’t get his first film role until he was 42, Stan Lee created his first hit comic, “The Fantastic Four,” at the ripe age of 39. Milkshake device salesman Ray Kroc has built the world’s biggest fast food franchise when he was 52 – that’s officially McDonald’s.

Before hunting down your new job make a list of your skills, expertise, and experience. If you are making a career shift, you probably want to focus on something that either challenges you more, comes naturally or something that you are passionate about. Organize your strengths and capabilities in such a way that you will be the ‘natural’ choice for the hiring company.

Timing is the key. Making a career change when you’re about to have your first child, breakup from a serious relationship, or move to a different city / country can make the transition tough to manage and commit to.

When you change careers at 40 you’ll have a lot to learn – and quickly. The best way to ease this transition is to seek out professional coaches and mentors who can advise and coach you along the way with perspectives that are different than your own. They will land you safely after you take a leap of faith.

There are many career change options at 40. An Executive Coach will redirect your attention in the right way. Together you will find the best way to showcase your passion, talents, and skills so that you can land THAT DREAM JOB. An Executive Coach has the skill, knowledge, understanding, and expertise to make it a smooth and seamless process.

Don’t settle. Get the career you deserve!

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