Outplacement & Career Coaching UK

We provide tailored outplacement services and career coaching to most locations in the United Kingdom including:

Birmingham   |   Bristol   |   Glasgow   |    Hampshire    |   London   |   Manchester   |   Nottingham   |   Swindon   |   Wiltshire

Outplacement & Career Coaching services in the UK

We help employees being laid off all over the UK by supporting them with tailored outplacement services, delivered at cost-effective rates (speak to us to discuss your particular scenario). We can provide 1:1 support and group sessions in order to provide a positive service to assist outgoing staff to land their next role. We help your staff in many different situations, including moving into a more senior level role, to a total career change.

Are you searching for a reliable firm to assist with outplacement support in the UK? Well, you are in the right place. At Executive Connexions we offer specialized outplacement programs to help your outgoing staff with tailored outplacement. The personalised support is key to how we help people. Our services are designed with positive outcomes in mind, and help your employees stand apart from other competitive candidates, when it comes to navigating a ‘career crossroads’.

We help your employees to gain the relevant, up to date job skills which can assist them in landing their next job as soon as possible. They can be confident in themselves in the current competitive job market. We recommend enquiring via one of our contact forms, or having a 1:1 discussion with our MD, Steve Nicholls (use one of the red buttons to set up a day and time for a discussion).

What Services Do We Provide?

Outplacement & Career Coaching UK Executive Connexions Outplacement


We can conduct career transition training sessions in groups to help a number of your employees.

Outplacement & Career Coaching UK Executive Connexions Outplacement

1:1 Career Coaching

We make use of latest career transition technologies to empower your employees for getting fit in this ideal job market.

Outplacement & Career Coaching UK Executive Connexions Outplacement

Practical Guide

We offer grounded sessions where your employees are able to plan an effective strategy for themselves when it comes to job search.

We at Executive Connexions have been in the outplacement business for a long time and have worked with some top tier companies. So, make use of our outplacement services in the UK and ensure a smooth career transition for your employees as a token of gratitude for their services.

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