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5 Smart Things to Do for Your Career This Spring

5 Smart Things to Do for Your Executive Career This Spring March is the beginning of the spring-cleaning season. It can also have relevance to your executive career. Could you use a little 'spring forward' when it comes to your professional life? Reset your Schedule There's not enough time in a day to do everything. Prioritize within your list of [...]

To LinkedIn or not to LinkedIn – that is the question…

I heard through the grapevine that the days of the traditional CV are numbered.... However, some recruiters and career development consultants say the CV is not dead yet and it's still not quite time to drop this carefully crafted, battle-tested document. Others say that LinkedIn profile has surpassed it in terms of importance to modern job seekers. Where's the truth? [...]

The August Job Search

The August Job Search Hello? Hello?!!! Is there anybody there?! It can feel a bit like this trying to get through to anyone in recruitment during August. Your job search could start to feel like it’s grinding to a halt Although ‘Staycations’ are the new trend, many UK residents (including head hunters, recruiters and hiring managers) will have planned their [...]

How to communicate your personal brand

Do you have an executive career personal brand? Many things related to a career personal brand be viewed with a hint of scepticism. An understatement? Probably. But after speaking with many senior level executives and recruiters from many different countries it’s becoming evident that being able to competently articulate your personal brand is critical, whether it’s related to a job [...]

How to access the hidden jobs market: The senior executives guide [Webinar]

How to access the hidden jobs market using social and digital with Steve Nicholls and Jim Claussen Steve Nicholls, MD at Executive Connexions, is joined by Jim Claussen, Social Leadership Coach at Executive Social Academy for this exciting webinar to explore new ways of unlocking the hidden jobs market. It's clear that recruitment is changing and your social presence is becoming ever more [...]

Headhunter Insights with Peter France: Social media

Peter France, an Executive Headhunter specialising in the retail sector, shares his perspective on headhunting. He talks about the importance of using social media in your executive job search, with insights on how to best use social media to connect with headhunters.  Peter also offers his observations of the retail industry and explains where he can make a difference to your career path as an [...]

How to find your next c-level role while still employed

LinkedIn reports that 79% of all members are looking for a role, or open to the idea of a new role. So what if you’re currently employed, don’t want to rock the boat at work, but want to start exploring the idea of landing a fresh new role? It’s often seen as a risky thing to do, but there are [...]

How to leverage LinkedIn groups to accelerate your executive job search

70-80% of the best executive jobs never come to the open market. Why then do most senior level candidates seem perfectly happy to focus on applying for advertised roles (where the competition is fierce, not to mention if the role is actually a ‘real’ one), rather than exploring the biggest slice of the cake, the Hidden Jobs Market? Want to [...]

Top 7 tips to supercharge your 2017 executive jobs push

As we approach the inevitable Christmas recruitment slow down, please don’t be totally taken in by this… there’s still activity out there! Ironically, it could actually be easier to get through to senior level head hunters and recruiters in December as they’re under less pressure from candidate calls and emails. So if you’re a senior level executive engaged in a [...]

Leveraging LinkedIn Groups [Podcast]

LinkedIn groups provide the chance to network with recruiters, headhunters and peers whilst building your credibility and personal brand. Group participation will enable you to identify and build relationships with key players in your executive job search. And your interactions will get you noticed; recruitment professionals will visit your LinkedIn profile to find out more about you... so make sure it's [...]

Stop connecting & start calling [Podcast]

The benefits of using emails are hard to resist. Email is a quick and easy method of communication; they do not interrupt someone or put them on the spot. But when you're looking to make a good impression and create rapport, a phone call is often the more effective option. An email could go for hours or even days without [...]

Social Media & Executive Job Hunting 101

How can you, as an executive level job seeker, practically leverage the various platforms to your own benefit? With many job decisions being close run affairs these days, it’s often that extra 2 or 3% which can tip the balance in your favour. It’s these subtleties that I’d like to focus in on. I’d be interested to hear what resonates with you. [...]

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