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Included with our Gold and Platinum Executive Coaching Levels

Bounce Back From Redundancy Faster

Gain access to 1000s of continuously updated eLearning courses and videos, interview simulation, CV builders, job search tools and much more

The Career Centre gives you access to a fantastic range of career assessments, job search tools and resources — all designed to equip you with everything you need to achieve your next role as quickly as possible.

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How the career centre will help you, including:

  • Coping with redundancy: Advice on coping with the strains of redundancy and a plan for moving job
  • Create a great CV: Video guides, templates and tutorials
  • Elevator Pitch: Practice and hone your elevator pitch so that you’re always ready whenever asked ’Tell me about yourself’
  • Interview Practice Take an auto-generated mock interview and be ready for the real event
  • Complete E-Learning: Platform with searchable career subject areas
  • Negotiating salaries and offers: Gain tips on how to start the discussion, how to be a better negotiator and when you shouldn’t be negotiating
  • Keep documents in one safe place: During your job search store all your job search documents safely
  • Industry Reports: Providing valuable information, SWOT analysis, trends and top companies to help you be extra prepared for the interview
  • Vacancy Portal: Use the job search aggregator to scan the markets for suitable roles
  • Leadership: Understand leadership qualities, what makes an effective leader and how to develop your own leadership

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We realise this will involve a learning curve and a mind-set shift for many people, so this programme will give you practical steps and support you to learn and maintain a strong social presence. You’ll find out how to use social media platforms, why publishing is so powerful, how to be found, and more, including daily reminders with actions for you to maintain the social momentum you’ll discover here. The shorter term aim is to help you land your next senior level role, faster.

Career Centre Executive Connexions

You will get concise step-by-step guidance unique to Executive Connexions, backed by years of consulting practice and guided by powerful analytics insight.

Career Centre Executive Connexions

A concise programme, tailored for busy executive schedules, to build your digital brand, credibility and influence in today’s digital marketplace.