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We provide tailored outplacement services to all cities in the Asia including:

Shanghai   |   Tokyo   |   Hong Kong   |   Singapore

Asia Outplacement & Career Coaching

We are proud to provide a successful tailored outplacement and career coaching service in Asia, designed to complement the growth of the economy. With a dynamic financial and legal services sector, Asia attracts investment from oversees companies looking for a cordial, tax-friendly and professional base for their business. The continent boasts a number of languages, including English, Chinese and Russian, which boosts its cosmopolitan culture and its reputation as an international business hub. Multilingual and multicultural, Asia offers the broad spectrum of opportunity you would expect from the world’s largest continent, and our tailored outplacement and career coaching service fits with this perfectly.

What Services Do We Provide?

Outplacement Asia Executive Connexions Outplacement

Bespoke Outplacement

Here at Executive Connexions we don’t believe in the “conveyor belt” approach to outplacement and career coaching. We believe that each employee is unique. Our comprehensive programmes involve encouraging a positive mind-set, reviewing CV’s, personal branding, and providing valuable job interview preparation.

Our unique ‘Be Found’ programme sets the bar even higher. We will use digital media to supercharge the employee’s profile – shining a light on their skills and qualities to help prospective employers find them. We also deliver career transition training sessions in groups, so we can engage with your employees on a larger scale.

Outplacement Asia Executive Connexions Outplacement

An Effective Strategy for Asia

For those affected by redundancy, allow us to empower your personnel. We can help individuals to plan an effective strategy, identify their career goals and fine-tune objectives. We will equip your employees with the tools they need to move forward, at a challenging time.

You can rely on our Asia based comprehensive outplacement and career coaching support service to confidently help your employees to begin the next chapter of their career.

Whether you’re a company Director, a HR Manager or a consultant, you can rest assured we will provide a tailored package of support. Come and talk to the team here Executive Connexions, let’s work together to make this transition a positive one.

We at Executive Connexions have been in the outplacement business for a long time and have worked with some top tier companies. So, make use of our outplacement services in Asia and ensure a smooth career transition for your employees as a token of gratitude for their services.

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