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Redundancy: those who stay and those who go

Redundancy & Outplacement: those who stay and those who go

Perspective. Redundancy should not be witnessed as an embarrassment nor a reflection of one’s worth; as hard as it may be, perspective should be maintained. It is the role that is made redundant, a process that is part and parcel of partaking in the working world. Tough, it’s often difficult to find the resilience needed when in this situation.

Sadly, an inevitable event in today’s climate is layoffs, particularly as covid-19 casts a long shadow and the economy struggles. The result is that many are losing their jobs due to involuntary redundancy as companies tweak and restructure their business during this taxing period.

Saying that, one cannot ignore that a process of involuntary redundancy leaves the exiting employee often feeling vulnerable, and those who stay behind usually uncertain, challenging, turbulent times chartered by both employer and employee.

Those departing may feel overwhelmed, concerned, and vulnerable. Those who remain may deal with survivors’ guilt, potentially working harder than ever. How redundancy is handled impacts company reputation and culture, both from the inside and outside.

Supporting an employee during your company’s period of redundancy – whether they are staying or going – is the key to a smooth transition for all involved, plus keeping your business’s reputation and culture in check.

Many employers provide outplacement services as an employee advantage for their workforce, a benefit to their employment package; the task of outplacement often contracted to an impartial third party at a time of restructuring and redundancy. The independent third party, a professional in outplacement, assists both the company and those losing their jobs. 

How does Outplacement help?

The service helps the company with:

  • decision making around redundancy
  • establishing the redundancy process and trajectory
  • advising on best practice in this regard
  • taking care of both remaining and exiting employee welfare
  • running the entire outplacement process on the company’s behalf
  • sustaining favourable company culture 
  • helping maintain company reputation
  • meeting legal requirements 

Outplacement assists an exiting employee to find a new job or move onto a brand new career. It’s more than career coaching, as often assumed, but helps the employee with:

  • understanding the process they will go through with their current employer
  • understanding the current job market
  • compassion and support, building resilience
  • CV reviews and interview preparation and practise
  • considering the job change vs. career change
  • advice on networking
  • tailormade assistance

Is Redundancy an opportunity? 

A role being made redundant, an employee laid off, is often met with shock and a sense of dread but can be seen as an opportunity for the exiting employee to:

  • set goals afresh
  • upskill
  • find a better job
  • move to the next payment tier
  • change careers completely
  • reinvent 
  • return to studying
  • reevaluate ambitions

Having an experienced professional help either you as a company or your workforce during layoffs can help provide stability and build resilience during an often tumultuous time. View outplacement services as an asset, whether you notice it as a benefit of your employment package or consider introducing the service to your organisation.

To find out how Executive Connexions can help you either as a company facing redundancy or an individual going through the process of losing a job, be in contact for a complimentary chat.


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