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Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to computer systems that can perform tasks that would normally require a human. In conversation intelligence, AI is primarily responsible for speech recognition, transcription, and creating notifications when certain actions happen in calls, chats, and emails.

Artificial intelligence has ingrained itself so much in our daily lives. Today, AI-powered systems help us with anything from avoiding traffic jams, cutting down email spam or improving productivity and performance among other things. Alexa lives in many UK homes and sits next to Smart TVs.

We’ve been achieving so much with the help of AI already so the question is couldn’t we do even more, if we replaced career coaches with powerful machines that can exceed the human potential?

Well, it’s not that simple. Technically, we could but not in a way most executives would want it to. This is primarily because AI lacks common sense and understanding of human nature.

AI lacks the ability to look beyond the raw data to draw conclusions. It cannot inspire a behavior change much like a great coach does. Why, because great coaches work with more than the data. Great coaches understand the person they are helping to improve. They listen. And often read between the lines of what their client is saying to understand their motivation. They know the person’s abilities and what the person is able to do to reach their goal.

A great coach knows how to have a difficult conversation too, and they’re not afraid to have them. But great coaches are also patient. They know that not everyone can ‘get it’ the first time. They spread out the learning over a period of time so you never feel overwhelmed. They remember everything and follow up with you, and more.

Great coaches simply care.

AI isn’t capable of the above.

No technology can replace human interactions. AI will never understand human emotions, worries, dilemmas so won’t be able to help and advise. AI always thinks in algorithms, but we think in a myriad of ways and feel in a myriad of ways.

When you have a 1:1 session with your Career Coach you have an opportunity for deep understanding- something that AI will never be able to offer therefore so many crucial elements will be missing. A Career Coach can also use his/her intuition to help you, transform you and advise you. AI will never be able to do it therefore its scope is greatly limited.

The bottom line is: Computers/Apps can’t coach.

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