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Back in the Saddle Stronger and Better- How to Bounce Back after Redundancy

Redundancy and how to bounce back

What to do after redundancy

“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations”

– Charles R. Swindoll 


What to do after being made redundant? It’s never easy. It’s a massive blow to your confidence, self-esteem, finances and faith in the future. The world has crumbled down right in front of your eyes and you feel that nothing will be the same any more. Hopelessness hits hard. You spiral down like there’s no tomorrow. Wait! Really?

Life is what it is and it’s our job to make the most of every situation. If life gives you lemons make lemonade!

Being made redundant can be a perfect opportunity to find a new role, adjust your career path, or even start a fresh career. Many people find extra happiness and success after being made redundant. But career success takes a bit of planning and work!

Don’t panic!

Resist springing into action straight away. Take a couple of days to regroup, reflect on your new direction.  Remember, you are not alone and it should not reflect badly on you, as many companies have downsized or undertook restructuring in recent years. This will continue no doubt. 

What do I want?

This is an opportunity to evaluate your career and your career goals. Make the most of the time you have now to ensure you make the right career choices. Once you swing back into a new role you won’t have this luxury. It’s helpful to write down all aspects of a role you do want such as location, company size, market sector, salary, company culture, and responsibilities. Try to be realistic and honest with yourself – the more open you are, the more opportunities you can consider.

Start job searching

When you’re ready to kick-start your job search, your first port of call should be to ensure that your CV, social profiles, interview skills – and more – are all top-notch and well-practiced. Register with a few job boards and relevant recruitment agencies in your industry. If you already have some companies in mind that you are interested in working for, visit the careers sections on their websites and send them your CV, or even try connecting, using LinkedIn, to influencers within those target companies.

 Be open-minded

It’s not always as straightforward as being able to walk into your role equivalent in a different company. Use your redundancy as an opportunity to assess what roles are a great fit for you. Think about your transferable skills and what you enjoy. Your next role may well be your best yet!

Be flexible with your salary expectations 

The job market is constantly shifting, offered salaries fluctuate and competition is fierce. You may not have to, but sometimes being open to compromise when it comes to your next salary can be key to finding your next opportunity. A lower salary could be a temporary measure that will allow you to get your foot in the door at a great company that can offer you fantastic benefits and career progression. Having said that, if you’re confident in your abilities and are geared up to wait for the right opportunity, then this is another legitimate strategy.

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