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No Holding Back! – Long Distance Job Search

Sometimes the perfect executive level job for you just doesn’t seem to exist in your area. Do you desire to move to a new city (or country) and have a fresh start? If so, it is likely that you will need to search for a job in your future location. Searching for a new job can be difficult in itself; however, if you are conducting a long-distance job search then this task could easily become more complicated. A career coach can significantly help in your transition. You’ll need all the support that you can get to stay strong, confident and focused. So, what steps can you take to conduct a successful long-distance career search? 1. Present an Impeccable CV / Resume If you’re a top-notch candidate, it is not likely you will be overlooked based on your address. Make it easy for the hiring team to understand your experience and your capabilities by including detailed points about your experience and your accomplishments. In addition, take the time to really vet the opportunities you are applying for to make sure they’re a fit for your background. 2. Address Concerns up Front Mention in your (brief and to the point) cover letter that you’re looking to relocate to the area. If you have a set date that you’re doing so, include it. If you’re applying via an online application system and there’s no area to address this, include it somewhere within your CV (preferably at the end). During your conversation with recruiters, bring up relocation casually towards the end if they don’t mention it first. Let them know what your plans are and what your timeline is so they can plan and make decisions accordingly. Thanks to this approach you’ll present yourself as the best candidate for the job, regardless of location. 3. Start Early You should start your job search early and this will surely take time. 6 – 12 months in advance will give you plenty of time to plan and execute. Relocation is a big venture. There are a lot more things to consider than if you were just getting a job across town. You will also need to use your annual leave time sparingly as you may need this time to make multiple trips to your desired location for interviews and house hunting, etc. 4. Schedule a Trip to Your New Location This is also the ideal time to set up face to face interviews. Potential employers will have the opportunity to get to know you as a person and not just as a piece of paper. Doing this will likely ease any reservations employers may have about hiring someone who does not currently live in the area. Making a trip to the area will also indicate how serious you are about relocating. Be flexible, quick, creative, and pursue your job opportunities. Long distance job search takes courage. A hiring manager will notice your dedication. Best of Luck with your career relocation! This is not only hard work but it’s also an adventure that will make your heart pump with excitement. It’s a new frontier to be conquered. We can help you prepare the career side of things, so contact us today to arrange a complimentary career strategy call.

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