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LinkedIn Connect Request? It’s not good enough

LINKEDIN CONNECT REQUEST? It's not good enough

We live in a world of prolific connections. Think Facebook. Instagram. LinkedIn. Numbly connecting has little apparent value. Yet, we connect. 

Social Media has boomed over the past decade as tech continues to expand rapidly; and, it’s unsurprising that connecting online has become more prominent during the pandemic. We’ve seen less of our loved ones, colleagues, and people in general; we are human and have an innate need to connect, and social (perhaps superficially) fills that gap.

But is just connecting of value?

A simple ‘online connect’ is not a valuable human connection. Social media connections drive numbers – “how many connections/followers do you have?” – but passively adding to a tally does not constitute anything meaningful. 

Turn those connections into genuine, meaningful associations!

Online connections only become valuable when you turn them into meaningful associations; this is the case in many industries and everyday life.

As a career coach, I had a client just the other day complain that LinkedIn seems fruitless. My response was that LinkedIn offers great job-hunting opportunities, but only when mindfully connecting and building rapport with relevant persons.

The operative words here:

  • Mindful
  • Rapport
  • Relevant

Without these, it’ll be tricky to actively associate with the most suitable persons to clinch that brand new job. 

70-80% of new jobs via word of mouth market

When considering one’s next executive role and using social media to get ahead, a platform such as LinkedIn offers (truly!) endless possibilities. 

And, you’re in luck as, particularly at senior executive or c-level, positions are filled mainly by persons who learnt about the job via word of mouth. And, these days, word of mouth often means online.

Therefore, should you be looking for a new position, consider setting time aside every day to connect and engage with individuals mindfully on a professional platform, such as LinkedIn. Immediately your chances go up – significantly so! –  to learn of a job that is open in the market.

Step away from making meaningless connections – it’s time wasted. Make your interactions mindful, and reach out to relevant individuals directly to build rapport and add valuable contacts to your list of connections. Sometimes it’s a matter of being brave and reaching out directly to the person you think could help you get your dream job. 

Stand out from the crowd, be remembered. This isn’t going to happen with just a connect request.

We can help you to create a fully rounded job search strategy (including LinkedIn), and to find out more, and to help us understand your own situation, get in touch today.

If you are considering a career coach or outplacement support, then connect and engage with me, Steve Nicholls, on LinkedIn here.

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