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Does Your Elevator Pitch Have Lift? In The Zoom Era

Does Your Elevator Pitch Have Lift?

‘Elevator Pitch’ – a term that reminds me of a 1980’s law television series. LA Law comes to mind – who remembers the programme? 

Chasing your first job or wanting to climb the corporate ladder, the ‘Elevator Pitch’ may be a classic term, but it’s not out of fashion. The need for it remains.

A Succinct Summary That Shares Your Value Proposition

In short, the above is the definition of an Elevator Pitch.

The Elevator Pitch is about arousing interest quickly – the amount of time it takes to make a quick introduction while in an elevator – or lift, as we’d say in the UK. (Although Lift Pitch just sounds wrong! What do you think?)

Even as the world has turned significantly ‘online’, the need for a brief introduction, particularly in a professional sense, still exists.

Therefore, if not in person, it may still be required on a virtual call or in an email – to sell oneself succinctly as you explore a next role or opportunity.

70-80% of executive roles are found via word of mouth introductory, the hidden jobs market, and for this reason – as well as that many C-level employers prefer a brief narrative – it is essential to be ‘Elevator Pitch Ready’. What we’re alluding to is that the Elevator Pitch is not only for those on their early career path. It’s always good to have it at the ready.

So, in the name of networking – albeit virtually nowadays – the ‘Elevator Pitch’ is not dead. And speaking of the online and digital Elevator Pitch, without the opportunity to build rapport in person, it is difficult to translate even simple plus-features such as ‘likability’ over a Zoom call or email. Therefore, the significance remains for a Great Elevator Pitch.

Three Steps

We leave you with Three Essential pointers for nailing your Elevator Pitch. Here they are:

  • An Introduction to your discipline or sector
  • A Value Proposition on yourself – previous results (in numbers, amounts, percentages)
  • An Aspiration – yours! What would YOU like in your next job?

In a previous article, when meetings and brief encounters were still mostly ‘in real life’ we suggested that you record yourself, practice your Elevator Pitch, and watch back how you come across. The tip stands. Who knows, you may have to relay the pitch in a Zoom call as you’re casually introduced to a potential Employer.

Be Pitch prepared, and pardon the movie pun, be Pitch Perfect!

If you need a helping hand to pen and perfect your Elevator Pitch, find out if we could be of help. A no-obligation, free and confidential chat, book your call with me, Steve Nicholls, here.

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