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The Future Belongs to the Brave – Are you Looking for a New Career at 50?

new career at 50

“If you don’t feel it, flee from it. Go where you are celebrated, not merely tolerated”. 

Paul F. Davis

When is it too late? Never. It’s never too late to do what you really want to do, to live a passionate life and be fulfilled in your career, especially at 50. Sometimes you cling to safety, to the familiar, while life in fact begins at the end of your comfort zone! Listen carefully to your feeling of dissatisfaction and listen to your longing. Life’s too short to be where you don’t want to be. It’s time to go on a new professional adventure with a new career at 50!

Laser Sharp Focus on Your Priorities and Needs

It’s important to comprehend what you need to achieve with this major change when considering a career change at 50. Do you want to work in a field that has always interested you but you were never given the chance? Do you need a career that allows you to be more creative or more flexible? Make a list of everything that you have been missing, of all your new needs and priorities. This will make it easier for you to find a direction. Passion is the key. Trying to change a career without following your passion is like trying to write a book on a subject that does not interest you.

Preparing the Field

Clear all obstacles that are standing in your way. While the list can be quite long for some, common road blockers at midlife are usually; fear of failure and procrastination. Talk these issues out and dump them for good. You will feel full of confidence ready to market yourself to prospective employers. Don’t let the old baggage hold you back especially if you are changing industries.

Hidden Job Market

Find out about the Hidden Job Market and how you tackle it head on for a career change. 70% to 80% of jobs that you may desire are not been advertised on typical job sites. Having the latest job search strategies at your fingertips puts you way ahead of your competition. The job market can be tight in some sectors but employers are still hiring. You are just not seeing the job positions being traditionally advertised like they used to.

A Career Coach will have Your Back

Career transitions after 50 don’t have to be difficult. Clarity is the key. There’s no time for blind alleys and failed attempts. At this stage teaming up with us will be greatly beneficial. You’ll have the luxury being guided by a career coach through the whole process and you will be able to ask any questions as you go along. You’ll be shown options, solutions and possible paths. If you’re feeling totally unsure about how to get yourself out of neutral and get moving again, stop right there and bring in a professional. A career coach will help you to clarify your desires, evaluate how realistic the move may be, and then construct a strategy to support this new direction.

Are you ready for a new adventure?

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