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How to effectively use job boards in your search for a new senior level role

I'm going to cover how to effectively use job boards in your executive job search in this article. Executive career advice is plentiful on our website, so feel to use a key word search for other subjects. Job boards are a necessary component in the job hunting jigsaw, but they’re often somewhat underutilized by senior level executives. I fully understand the reticence to unleash your [...]

How to start building a strong relationship with a recruiter

It’s not what you know; it’s who you know, right? This is certainly true in recruitment. Many senior level recruiters and executive headhunters have an easily accessible pool of high quality candidates. If you’re not in that pool, then you’re making your executive job search a whole lot harder. So how can you, as a senior level candidate, build strong [...]

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Networking and interacting with recruiters: A head hunter’s view

I interviewed top head hunter Phil Sharp, Managing Director of Executive Headhunters Ltd. My questions to Phil were based around some of the concerns my clients have. So here you have it from a Head Hunters perspective. Q: How can senior level candidates network appropriately? I think the answer to this one really depends on whether the person is on [...]

What do recruiters look for on your CV? Executive recruiters advise.

Is your CV working for you? Ahh the humble CV... How drastically it has changed since Leonardo da Vinci listed his skills and capabilities down on that archaic medium known as paper in 1482. Yet, the reasoning behind the CV has changed very little and it’s safe to say that any predictions of the demise of the CV are perhaps [...]

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Headhunter Insights with Sam Ma’ayan: Assumptions in recruitment

Sam Ma'ayan, Senior Consultant at Morgan Hunt and a specialist in Not for Profit senior recruitment, shares some interesting insights on How you might be making it harder for headhunters to help you land your next role (without even knowing it!) & what to do about it... Tell us about your role as an Executive Headhunter…  I am a sector specialist in [...]

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The value of understanding the mindset of executive recruiters [podcast]

https://www.executiveconnexions.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Thevalueofunderstandingthemindsetofexecutiverecruiters-LouiseWilson.mp3 Transcript Hi there, this is Louise from Executive Connexions. My role at Executive Connexions is to connect with recruiters and headhunters, learn as much about them as possible, and to help senior candidates link up with these recruiters. This podcast is entitled: The value of understanding the mindset of executive recruiters. I’ve created this short podcast after absorbing some [...]

Executive Headhunter Tips with Emma Sankey

When asked what senior level candidates can do to boost success in their job search, a huge proportion of recruiters tell us that candidates need to improve the quality of their CV and learn to effectively communicate their achievements. Even when you’ve written what you believe to be a high-quality CV, the chances are it isn’t as good as you think [...]

CV style: What do executive recruiters prefer? [Podcast]

The Curriculum Vitae or Resume forms the foundation of your ‘personal brand’ which you will present to the recruitment market, and is often the first point of contact for your candidate / recruiter relationships. Yet, many recruiters express dissatisfaction with the quality of CVs they receive from senior executive candidates. So, what do recruiters want to see? Steve explains… https://www.executiveconnexions.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/CV_style.mp3 [...]

The truth about transferable skills and the senior level jobs market [3 smart tactics to break into a new industry]

“When it comes to management there are certain skills and character traits that are always transferable” - James Caan Transferable skills are necessary for almost any kind of work. You've probably read many articles telling you which transferable skills you must have as a senior executive and why these skills are so important for senior managers. Here, James Caan highlights ‘The Top Transferable [...]

5 ways candidates can sell themselves to employers in other industries [Executive Headhunters’ guide to transferable skills]

Feel like you’ve achieved all you can in your current industry? Wondering if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence? Thinking about pursuing a career goal you’ve constantly been putting off? These aren’t uncommon thoughts for successful senior executives and in fact, people in general. It’s wired in to us to want more from our lives, [...]

The secrets of the executive job search: what’s really holding candidates back? [INFOGRAPHIC]

How long do you expect your executive job search to take? One month? Three months? Six months? It turns out, many senior executives are spending longer than anticipated searching for their next role. 51% of candidates have been searching for their new role for more than four months with 1 in 10 still searching after a year. What affect is this having on [...]

5 mistakes you’re making in your senior executive cover letters

When it comes to the expectations of the hiring manager, the bar has been raised. Expectations are much higher now and they are not prepared to take risks and aren’t afraid to wait for the right candidates. So how can you meet new expectations? As a senior level job seeker, you need to be thinking through every step, and making extra effort [...]

Executive recruiters reveal top tips for a compelling CV [SLIDESHARE]

The curriculum vitae or resume forms the foundation of your personal brand which you will present to the recruitment market. It is often the first point of contact for your candidate/recruiter relationships. Yet, candidates often struggle to get recruiters to take notice of their CV - and they don’t get enough job interviews. Recruiters frequently express that too many senior-level [...]

Managing Your Job Search Frustration

We recently spoke with Gareth Longley of Recruiters Finegreen Associates in Manchester, UK, about how senior executive candidates can manage their expectations when applying for roles. Gareth has given us some great insights here, and while candidates may not be happy with every situation surrounding recruiters, his balanced views include learning points for all. Understanding something of the mind set and priorities [...]

The CV & Personal Branding Consistency

What else can be written about the executive level CV that hasn’t already been said? It’s been a career/job staple now for many years, but depending on what articles you read, there seems to be a movement toward cloud based options (storing your data remotely online). So, is the paper CV dead? What uses should you put it to in todays [...]

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