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5 great reasons you should take a call from a recruiter or headhunter – even if you’re not seeking a new role

When you get the call from an executive recruiter or a headhunter, don’t hang up! I am constantly surprised when senior executives tell me they never speak to recruitment professionals. Take a few minutes to hear what they have to say - you may be glad you did! 5 benefits of developing a relationship with an executive headhunter or senior level [...]

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Are you making this big networking mistake?

What does the word ‘networking’ mean for you? For me, it conjures up images of a small space crammed with people; some awkwardly making small talk, some deep into delivering their elevator pitch. There’s that annoying guy running around the room thrusting his business cards into the sweaty palms of politely uninterested attendees. Everyone wants to sell and be known. [...]

Headhunter Insights with Sam Harrison: Working with headhunters

Sam Harrison, an Executive Headhunter, provides a glimpse of life as a headhunter. In this article, he touches on the rewards and challenges of his chosen career. Sam also talks about one of the most difficult aspects of working with a headhunter to land a new job role, highlighting how best you, as a senior level candidate, can develop an effective working relationship with [...]

How to get clear on your authentic personal brand

Your most important job is to be head marketer for 'brand You'. I am a brand. YOU are a brand. In fact, everyone is a brand. You’ve been a brand your entire life whether you’ve been aware of it or not. How you act, how you communicate, what you stand for and how people feel about you are [...]

Top 7 tips to supercharge your 2017 executive jobs push

As we approach the inevitable Christmas recruitment slow down, please don’t be totally taken in by this… there’s still activity out there! Ironically, it could actually be easier to get through to senior level head hunters and recruiters in December as they’re under less pressure from candidate calls and emails. So if you’re a senior level executive engaged in a [...]

The Power of Peer Networking

When you have a call with us, you’ll notice I talk a lot about the power of the hidden jobs market and the power of networks. We always try to connect our clients to people who might add value to their job search. Often, these people aren’t recruiters or head hunters, but your peers. Of course, I advocate growing your [...]

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Leveraging LinkedIn Groups [Podcast]

LinkedIn groups provide the chance to network with recruiters, headhunters and peers whilst building your credibility and personal brand. Group participation will enable you to identify and build relationships with key players in your executive job search. And your interactions will get you noticed; recruitment professionals will visit your LinkedIn profile to find out more about you... so make sure it's [...]

Stop connecting & start calling [Podcast]

The benefits of using emails are hard to resist. Email is a quick and easy method of communication; they do not interrupt someone or put them on the spot. But when you're looking to make a good impression and create rapport, a phone call is often the more effective option. An email could go for hours or even days without [...]

You may fall off the bike, but get up and keep going.

I would like to share a story with you around motivation and resilience: After a client meeting recently where we had been discussing the fact that my client knew he could probably be doing more in terms of networking, I started to reflect on the whole subject of motivation and internal “resilience”, and I was reminded of a time when my resilience [...]

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