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How strategic networking can accelerate your career success

All too often I hear people dismiss networking as a 'necessary evil' that's nevertheless an important part of their company's business development strategy. I may wholeheartedly disagree with the term 'evil' but it's always good to hear networking being referred to as 'necessary'. You will hear a lot of the word "networking" in our executive career coaching & outplacement services. [...]

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Are you making this big networking mistake?

What does the word ‘networking’ mean for you? For me, it conjures up images of a small space crammed with people; some awkwardly making small talk, some deep into delivering their elevator pitch. There’s that annoying guy running around the room thrusting his business cards into the sweaty palms of politely uninterested attendees. Everyone wants to sell and be known. [...]

Headhunter Insights with Andrew Ellis: Networking for introverted professionals

There are certain aspects of the executive job search that people often find difficult. Networking is one of these areas. We initially see many of our new clients struggling to network effectively and senior level job candidates often ask us for advice on this. When we spoke with Andrew Ellis, Divisional Manager at Executive Headhunters, we asked him to share his ideas on how [...]

Stop connecting & start calling [Podcast]

The benefits of using emails are hard to resist. Email is a quick and easy method of communication; they do not interrupt someone or put them on the spot. But when you're looking to make a good impression and create rapport, a phone call is often the more effective option. An email could go for hours or even days without [...]

Stop connecting and start calling!

I had a conversation with a coaching client recently, and we were discussing the merits of a proactive approach to LinkedIn, in relation to landing your next senior executive role. He was initially resistant to using the platform, and yet had seen results since we had discussed the strategies involved - but not enough results in relation to his efforts. Why was [...]

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