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How to move forward when you have been made redundant

Have you been made redundant? It's time to grasp the nettle and accept it... “Redundancy” – it’s a horrible word especially if you have not been expecting it or you don’t want it.  Redundancy is often an enforced change and the feelings that follow can range from fear to rejection and everything in between.  Even if the redundancy is voluntary, [...]

The unexpected wins from executive career coaching

We speak with many senior professionals who are in the process of searching for a new role; we are often their chosen executive career coaching provider. Senior executives' motivations for working with us are usually around speeding up their job search, gaining traction with job interviews, and gaining some support with accessing the notorious hidden jobs market. All of that we can [...]

Elevator Pitch Sample & Examples

The ‘Elevator Pitch’ Definition: An elevator pitch, elevator speech, or elevator statement is a short summary used to quickly and simply define a person, profession, product, service, organization or event and its value proposition. The elevator pitch has been around almost as long as, well, elevators, but remains a necessary step in the armoury of any executive looking for their next role or career change [...]

The Power of Peer Networking

When you have a call with us, you’ll notice I talk a lot about the power of the hidden jobs market and the power of networks. We always try to connect our clients to people who might add value to their job search. Often, these people aren’t recruiters or head hunters, but your peers. Of course, I advocate growing your [...]

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Career Change Expert Interview with Devi Clark [PODCAST]

Devi, of New Leaf Coaching, interviews Executive connexions' MD, Steve Nicholls, about career change. Listen now to discover: How to identify your top strengths, motivations and skills What really helps executive-level candidates get over the emotional barriers to change Where to look for the ‘hidden jobs market’ of unadvertised positions https://www.executiveconnexions.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/SteveNicholls_Interview-10-07-14.mp3   Find out how our proven “kick start” career change [...]

Thinking of relaxing your job search in August? Think again.

It’s been one of those historic ‘true-isms’ that things quieten down a bit in August in the recruitment market. Quite a few people take what seems to be the entire month off for one reason or another, and it’s their business whether they go on an extended holiday or other break of course. However, if last August is anything to [...]

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Is Flexible Working for You?

We live in a flexible world. One in which social media and emerging technology has made connectivity and keeping in touch faster and easier than ever before… and also enables different, more flexible, working patterns and arrangements. Is this progress helping or hindering our everyday work / life balance though? And how do you decide if a more flexible style [...]

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Trust your gut feelings

The intuitive compass Francis P. Cholle’s book The Intuitive Compass has been the major motivator and inspiration of mine, and my ideas and thoughts in this article draw heavily on the wisdom and ideas set out in that book.  Should you use your intuition (or that little voice we hear inside us sometimes; as if we know what we should do in [...]

You may fall off the bike, but get up and keep going.

I would like to share a story with you around motivation and resilience: After a client meeting recently where we had been discussing the fact that my client knew he could probably be doing more in terms of networking, I started to reflect on the whole subject of motivation and internal “resilience”, and I was reminded of a time when my resilience [...]

Social Media & Executive Job Hunting 101

How can you, as an executive level job seeker, practically leverage the various platforms to your own benefit? With many job decisions being close run affairs these days, it’s often that extra 2 or 3% which can tip the balance in your favour. It’s these subtleties that I’d like to focus in on. I’d be interested to hear what resonates with you. [...]

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