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Our career advice & guidance insights will advise you on various elements of the executive job search world, all designed to help you land your next role faster. It's important to take the right paths when carrying out your job hunt, career change or executive coaching (whether you are focusing on individual executive career coaching or professional outplacement), and therefore our career advice blog is a vital tool to your success.

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Should I get a Career Coach?

If only there were 60 hours in a day… everything would get done and there would plenty of time for unwinding. Sadly, it’s not quite like that. We have a limited amount of time at our disposal and a huge to-do list. This is where you will ask yourself, "Should I get a career coach?" What number on the list [...]

Time Goes by So Slowly… in a Job that Drains You

Could it be time for a career change? What's happening? It doesn't feel good. Where am I? Why do I have to do these things? It's a nightmare. Let me out! Should I change careers? Unfortunately, it's not a bad dream from which you wake up when the alarm clock rings it's your harsh reality that hits you every day. [...]

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Career U-Turn? A Career Coach Can Help You Through It

Are you stuck in a rut that you can’t seem to shake and are considering a career change? Maybe you’re looking to change careers or find work you feel passionate about? Jobs are not just jobs but areas of personal development and purpose. But the path isn't always clear. At times it's a rocky mountain path with limited visibility because [...]

Fake News – You can’t change your career at 40

Do you remember the excitement of turning a page of your favourite book? The anticipation of what might happen, holding your breath and being thrilled about the story... Your life is like a book and sometimes it's worth turning a page to progress your story instead of reading the same page over and over again. To make a career change [...]

How to manage a career change

It’s a familiar feeling… Monday morning… One day, one day I’ll make a career change for the better. For most of course, that day never comes unless you look for some executive career advice. It has been a historic challenge for many people to know how to change their career. Most career coaching clients that we work with are looking [...]

Planning your next career move? How to find your element

From spin doctor to coach Let me tell you a little about myself. Ten years ago I was working in Government. I’ll come clean; I was a spin doctor. I was based in the Home Office, working alongside civil servants and politicians, translating policy into messages that could be shared with the general public via the media, speeches and events. [...]

How to move forward when you have been made redundant

Have you been made redundant? It's time to grasp the nettle and accept it... “Redundancy” – it’s a horrible word especially if you have not been expecting it or you don’t want it.  Redundancy is often an enforced change and the feelings that follow can range from fear to rejection and everything in between.  Even if the redundancy is voluntary, [...]

The unexpected wins from executive career coaching

We speak with many senior professionals who are in the process of searching for a new role; we are often their chosen executive career coaching provider. Senior executives' motivations for working with us are usually around speeding up their job search, gaining traction with job interviews, and gaining some support with accessing the notorious hidden jobs market. All of that we can [...]

What is Career Coaching? And why do you need it as a Senior Executive?

As a discipline, career coaching has been with us for some years now, and is virtually a global phenomenon. Its practitioners come from a wide sphere of previous backgrounds; HR, Management, NLP, General Industry Experience, whether Coaching qualified or not (Coaching is still at the time of writing an unregulated industry of course), and the size and scope of services [...]

Your concise career change guide: How to choose a new career that’s right for you

Are you considering a fresh start? Lacking in new career ideas? Where do you begin? Competition for jobs has never been more fierce, so ensure you have decided on what you really want to do next in your ideal career before jumping from the frying pan to the fire (whether you’re currently working or not working). This requires taking a step [...]

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The truth about transferable skills and the senior level jobs market [3 smart tactics to break into a new industry]

“When it comes to management there are certain skills and character traits that are always transferable” - James Caan Transferable skills are necessary for almost any kind of work. You've probably read many articles telling you which transferable skills you must have as a senior executive and why these skills are so important for senior managers. Here, James Caan highlights ‘The Top Transferable [...]

5 ways candidates can sell themselves to employers in other industries [Executive Headhunters’ guide to transferable skills]

Feel like you’ve achieved all you can in your current industry? Wondering if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence? Thinking about pursuing a career goal you’ve constantly been putting off? These aren’t uncommon thoughts for successful senior executives and in fact, people in general. It’s wired in to us to want more from our lives, [...]

Is Flexible Working for You?

We live in a flexible world. One in which social media and emerging technology has made connectivity and keeping in touch faster and easier than ever before… and also enables different, more flexible, working patterns and arrangements. Is this progress helping or hindering our everyday work / life balance though? And how do you decide if a more flexible style [...]

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