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Our career advice & guidance insights will advise you on various elements of the executive job search world, all designed to help you land your next role faster. It's important to take the right paths when carrying out your job hunt, career change or executive coaching (whether you are focusing on individual executive career coaching or professional outplacement), and therefore our career advice blog is a vital tool to your success.

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How to find your next c-level role while still employed

LinkedIn reports that 79% of all members are looking for a role, or open to the idea of a new role. So what if you’re currently employed, don’t want to rock the boat at work, but want to start exploring the idea of landing a fresh new role? It’s often seen as a risky thing to do, but there are [...]

Career Change Expert Interview with Devi Clark [PODCAST]

Devi, of New Leaf Coaching, interviews Executive connexions' MD, Steve Nicholls, about career change. Listen now to discover: How to identify your top strengths, motivations and skills What really helps executive-level candidates get over the emotional barriers to change Where to look for the ‘hidden jobs market’ of unadvertised positions https://www.executiveconnexions.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/SteveNicholls_Interview-10-07-14.mp3   Find out how our proven “kick start” career change [...]

Talk to everyone. It can make the difference in a job interview!

Prepared for that upcoming executive level job interview? Suit pressed, shoes shined, answers rehearsed? While I am a massive advocate of properly rehearsing the answers to potential interview questions (there really is no excuse these days not to have prepared in this way), I would urge you to take into account another point, one which can make a major difference. [...]

The CV & Personal Branding Consistency

What else can be written about the executive level CV that hasn’t already been said? It’s been a career/job staple now for many years, but depending on what articles you read, there seems to be a movement toward cloud based options (storing your data remotely online). So, is the paper CV dead? What uses should you put it to in todays [...]

Social Media & Executive Job Hunting 101

How can you, as an executive level job seeker, practically leverage the various platforms to your own benefit? With many job decisions being close run affairs these days, it’s often that extra 2 or 3% which can tip the balance in your favour. It’s these subtleties that I’d like to focus in on. I’d be interested to hear what resonates with you. [...]

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