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What do recruiters look for on your CV? Executive recruiters advise.

Is your CV working for you? Ahh the humble CV... How drastically it has changed since Leonardo da Vinci listed his skills and capabilities down on that archaic medium known as paper in 1482. Yet, the reasoning behind the CV has changed very little and it’s safe to say that any predictions of the demise of the CV are perhaps [...]

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Executive recruiters reveal top tips for a compelling CV [SLIDESHARE]

The curriculum vitae or resume forms the foundation of your personal brand which you will present to the recruitment market. It is often the first point of contact for your candidate/recruiter relationships. Yet, candidates often struggle to get recruiters to take notice of their CV - and they don’t get enough job interviews. Recruiters frequently express that too many senior-level [...]

3 ways to speed up your executive job search

Is your senior executive job search taking longer than you had planned? Has your resilience started to fray around the edges? We’ve just received the findings from an independent detailed candidate and recruiter survey, which found that 51% of candidates had been looking for their new role for four months or longer, with 1 in 10 still looking after 12 [...]

Managing Your Job Search Frustration

We recently spoke with Gareth Longley of Recruiters Finegreen Associates in Manchester, UK, about how senior executive candidates can manage their expectations when applying for roles. Gareth has given us some great insights here, and while candidates may not be happy with every situation surrounding recruiters, his balanced views include learning points for all. Understanding something of the mind set and priorities [...]

Why don’t recruiters call me back?

  Why don’t recruiters contact you after you have been submitted for a role? You wait for your phone to ring, it doesn’t ring. You send an email, nothing. You call and leave a voicemail, and you don’t hear anything back. I do feel your pain, I truly do. It might help you in some ways to understand that a [...]

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Job Interview Prep is Boring!

…but is necessary, obviously. In this piece I want to drill into the executive level job interview preparation strategies which are working today, including some maybe not so obvious factors. Keep Applying / Researching: The first piece of advice here has nothing to do with the interview itself; clients that we work with, and others that we speak to, can [...]

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How to cross the job interview “finish line”

In an increasingly competitive c-level jobs market, how do you show that you add value and importantly when up against similarly qualified candidates, how do you differentiate yourself? Personal Chemistry I’ll cover this first; regardless of how well you are able to put across your skills, you need to work on creating rapport – in a big way. So take [...]

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“6 of the best” Job Interview Tips

We live and work in a fast paced world, but we also have to be ever adaptable in the world of work, ever-ready to adjust that CV, explore new connections and try to nudge some new doors open, and so on. There’s so much information out there these days about how to structure your CV and application forms, which I [...]

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