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Social leadership and the executive job search: an interview with Ted Coiné [video]

Steve Nicholls interviews Ted Coiné What will you learn when you watch this video? The value of ‘blue unicorns’ and leading in a new way How ‘social leadership’ is the new ‘thought leadership’ Why more and more directors and board members are looking for social media skills as one of the Top 5 competencies in their CEO (which is set [...]

Executive recruiters reveal top tips to triumph in an interview [SLIDESHARE]

Succeeding in your executive interview is the final step to landing your ideal senior level role. Yet, recruiters frequently express that many senior-level candidates are unable to communicate their achievements in interview. You only get one chance to impress, but how exactly do you do that? At senior level, candidates need to be exceptionally well prepared. In our recent independent [...]

Is the sound of your voice sabotaging your job interview?

It’s not WHAT you say so much as HOW you say it. According to one leading theory, 55% of human communication is with body language. You are left with just 7% on content and a whopping 38% on what you sound like. After 48 hours, 90% of a conversation is forgotten – what is remembered is the impression made. Your [...]

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How to find your next c-level role while still employed

LinkedIn reports that 79% of all members are looking for a role, or open to the idea of a new role. So what if you’re currently employed, don’t want to rock the boat at work, but want to start exploring the idea of landing a fresh new role? It’s often seen as a risky thing to do, but there are [...]

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