Hi there, this is Louise from Executive Connexions. My role at Executive Connexions is to connect with recruiters and headhunters, learn as much about them as possible, and to help senior candidates link up with these recruiters.

This podcast is entitled: The value of understanding the mindset of executive recruiters.

I’ve created this short podcast after absorbing some of the learning from our independent recruiter and candidate research project from a couple of months ago.

The aim of this podcast is to educate and inform senior level candidates so that you can be that bit more prepared when working with headhunters or recruiters, and we truly love to bring you these insights.

I’d like to offer three top tips that came out of the research:

This is mainly around the area of self-awareness and ‘blind spots’ actually, so some of these may surprise you.

Number 1 – Poor CV – yes, really. The research showed that recruiters saw senior level CV’s as generally poor, which might be surprising, so care should be taken with this. We’ve written a white paper around structuring a good executive level CV, which is available on our website.

Point 2 was around networking skills. While I understand that many executives are well networked, this often doesn’t translate to being to network effectively when selling yourself. This is part of what we teach during our coaching, but if you do a search for networking on the website, again I’m sure you’ll find some useful articles and podcasts.

And the last point? Self-awareness. That’s it, simply put – the more self-aware candidates were the ones who were usually more successful when in the job interview seat. So take some time to reflect, get an external opinion as to your interview skills level, and your CV, as well as your whole ‘social’ branding. It will pay off.

It’s easy to say to yourself, “This is just about networking”, but I would challenge you here and ask, are you adopting good networking practices when it comes to your job search?

If you haven’t read the recruiter insights summary report, then you should do so in our blog. We really believe that taking on board, and importantly acting on the advice contained in the report will give you an edge in your job search.

Thanks for listening.