Why do you, as an executive, need your own website?

The Executive Personal Brand Website Package

Own and control your digital brand, your personal digital platform, your place on the internet.

  • When someone Googles you, do you appear in the results?
  • IF you are listed in the search results, what do they find? Do they find a personal website you own and control or do they find content you don’t own and don’t have any control over?
  • What kind of impression and assessment are they left with?
  • Or, are you non existent in digital and leave no impression and make no impact at all?

Change your game. Stand apart. Gain credibility. You’ll be found…. quickly and easily.

Today, over 90% of recruiters and talent management professionals use the web and social platforms to identify, screen and assess executive and management candidates. Companies are looking for the leaders of tomorrow, not the leaders of yesterday.

Where do you stand in this transforming economy? Do you act like a modern digital leader? Do you have a digital footprint? What does your digital brand look like? Do you have a plan for how to shape your digital brand?

Control your personal brand with a digital home base that you own. Create a differentiated leadership presence that sets you apart from ‘me too’ executives. Build skills for a digital marketplace and prove you have the acumen to lead in a modernizing economy. Connect with a digital native workforce looking for your experience and expertise. Earn the credibility that will bring executive leadership opportunities to you.

In helping hundreds of executive leaders advance their careers with new leadership opportunities, we have seen the need for and the importance of a personal digital brand. Recruiters and talent managers have told us, executives with a strong digital footprint clearly stand out, executives who are connected have networks that validate their influence, executives with a strong point of view in digital attract the attention of candidate review boards who say they want to know who they are hiring, what their values are, what do they really know, how well do they engage in a modern economy.

We see this as a clear opportunity, an opportunity to help our clients with a unique offering, an offering that we have found sets us apart from other executive coaching firms in the UK, across Europe, across North America and beyond.

We take the fear out of getting started because we know from experience, from interviews with recruiters and from data that this fear stops all your competitors in their tracks. The perceived barriers to entry stop all but the most initiated and determined. To help you succeed, we built a way to break through those barriers.

What’s included and what can you expect?

  • We start with a strategy consult to talk about you, your goals, your constraints, where you want to go.
  • We work with you to identify the best web address for you.
  • We secure your web address.
  • We work with you to select the right design theme and branded design for you.
  • We set up and configure your website and blog.
  • We set up sections of your website: home, blog, about, contact, CV/resume

We will provide step-by-step best practices and training on:

  • Capturing ideas for blog posts.
  • How to write blog posts that are clear, easy to read, make an impact
  • When to schedule or publish your posts

To get you started, we will help you identify your first 5 blog topics for impact.

We help you craft an About page, a Contact page and a CV/Resume page.

We show you how to write blog posts via email so you don’t have to use blog administrator tools. We want you to focus on the content and not worry about the technology.

The service includes maintenance of the website security and plug ins, automated backup, and the first year of hosting.

We offer a 6 monthly refresh service, to help keep you current.

This service can be purchased as a standalone or as an upgrade to our executive career coaching programmes.

Next Steps? Discuss this service with our MD, Steve Nicholls. You can call him direct on +44 (0) 203 384 4188.

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