Public Sector Outplacement

Trained and qualified assistance to public sector employees

Fluctuating economy and uncertain market conditions often lead to the sudden layoffs in the job market. The problem is more worrisome in the public sector as more and more public sector organisations these days implement the radical changes they need to manage their operations and balance their books.


Our Public Sector Outplacement Services are an excellent method of professional career support that provides trained and qualified assistance to public sector employees using our executive outplacement & career coaching professionals, who are skilled in navigating career transitions during such challenging times.


Executive Connexions is a successful name in public sector outplacement support for the employees of the public sector. Our public sector outplacement services provide the practical and emotional specialist executive career coaching that will enable the public sector individuals to easily navigate the difficult times and the competitive job market to be able to move into appropriate new employment within no time. The company’s expertise lies in working with the public sector employees to explore various career options and help them tackle the job market effortlessly.

Features of our public sector

outplacement services

We provide the best and most up-to-date career support to help you find your next role such as taking advantage of the hidden jobs market & social media. The public sector employees will be supported throughout with the specialist career coach on every possible career-related issue. We work in depth at assessing the individual skills, values, and experience to make the most of the opportunities and then using the latest job search strategies in the most effective way.


Below are some of the features of our public sector outplacement support:

Why choose our Plublic Sector

Outplacement Services?

Public Sector Outplacement Services Executive Connexions

Tailored/ Customised Support – We believe in providing tailored public sector outplacement support based predominantly on 1:1 coaching approach that is customised to suit the individual needs of the public sector employees.

Public Sector Outplacement Services Executive Connexions

Lifelong learning – We at Executive Connexions provide excellent public sector outplacement services for supporting the public sector individuals to become proactive learners of the life-long skills that are needed in the job search.

Public Sector Outplacement Services Executive Connexions

Partnership Approach – We believe in making use of the facilities and resources wherever possible within the organisation and offer requisite market knowledge, empathy, and practical support such as group outplacement to help build the public sector employees build confidence to effectively navigate their career choices.